Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Gift

This is a lovely poster from Calvinistic Cartoons. The creator Eddie Eddings has a great sense of humour and he has some very sharp cartoons. But some of them fly over my roof.

Friendship is a gift I treasure most of all. This vintage graphic from Holly is so sweet.

I want to share some photos of my American friend Diana (I stole them from her Facebook album). Her husband Dave is Indian. He was our spiritual mentor several years ago before he migrated to the US.He lived there for a long time and returned to India. They got married a few years ago. Dave is a professional photographer , video-grapher, and graphic designer etc. etc. They have a flourishing business. He has promised to teach me some photo editing. They live so far away I don 't get to see them very often.

Here Diana is judging a poster competition at a Christian Girl 's School .She wears Indian clothes, they look very nice on her.

Taking a ride in a camel cart in Agra I think.
With her husband in front of the Taj Mahal.
Yesterday we did not have electricity for 11 hours and it just sucked the life out of me, but today there was a 2 hour cut.
I went to attend an evening meeting at a Christian Conference. I have some photos from there.

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Kathryn said...

Hello -

Dear Amrita. I've been meaning to comment for some time, but i've been slow about it. I loved the info on massage & the spas in India. There is a big portion of alternative medicine folks here in the US that focus on Ayurvedic technique/skills/philosophy.

I hope you are well. Enjoy reading always, even if i'm not very good at commenting. You are in my prayers. :)

Zimbabwe said...

I remember that when I was a child, in our estate there were pauses in electricity by some times - in this cases we used candles to light kichten and other rooms. Today it is very rarely.
Photos are very good - especially with camel. Real love doesn't know borders.
Yes, friendship is gift - it is real treasure.

Arts&Disability said...

Hi Amrita,
This is very precious .... the posters & messages & your blog is sweet. It is such a blessing to see the crossing internationally in our Lord. What a wonderful couple. I am so glad you shared them with everyone!

We are praying for you ... in all you do & your health & disabilities. Thank you also for your prayers & visiting our website & project.

Love in our Lord Jesus Christ,
His Sonshine & Merry Lynn

Mrs. Mac said...

Thinking back to when I mentioned about the 'nerdy' people that purposely unhook from the electricity grid ... and stating I could be one of them ... I only need remember back to our homeschooling days when we studied about Thomas Edison and went without it for a few days ... I was so tired and my eyes hurt ... going to bed early was the only remedy. So, although we only pretended ... I can feel a bit of your pain going back and forth with/without elect. 'juice' ..

Lovely husband and wife story and pics. Do they now live in India?

Amrita said...

Thank you for visiting an d commenting , Kathryn, Zimb, Merry Lynn an d mrs Mac.

Yes, Dave and Diana live in India now.

Amrita said...

Dear mrs Mac,

In America I suppose people are not forced to live with power cuts, thye happen only during emergencies or envisomenty consious people choose to stay without electricity.

Here it is thrust upon us.

There is no shortage of technology, expertise or natural resources, but poor or mis management, over population, ill planning, neglect, corruption, booming cities etc hav e left us holding the short end of the stick.

People who have lived throught the World warts will understand us. Ha-ha


I love the camel pulling the cart photo :-)

Eddie Eddings is a great cartoonist.

Have a great day ~Ron

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Such interesting photos Armita!
I liked reading through your comments too, and seeing what your thoughts were on electricity and such. America may very soon be experiencing the same type of outages in the future. We're a mess here these days!!

Amrita said...

Dear Ron an d Corgi Mom, thank you for your visit and remarks . I really apreciate your interesting blogs.

David said...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Having a brownout for 11 hours is just too much. We had a six hour brownout the other day and we could not sleep the whole night because of the heat. You have wonderful friends in the couple you featured in this post. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Reenie said...

Witty friendship messages :); I always appreciated wit... Haha.

Hope you're well.