Friday, 10 September 2010

Postcards of the mind

I am glad Terry Jones has cancelled his Koran (Quran) burning stunt.
It was a very insensitive , unwise and un-Christian move. Already a church in Bhopal (Central India) had received a blow -up threat God only knows what else would follow.
Don 't try to conquer hate with hate Terry Jones.

Actually that 's what I am right now. My Desktop and Laptop are at war with each other. I changed my blog background yesterday using my laptop and posted a Sept 9th entry which you all read and commented on, but the background change and post does not show on the desktop. It 's not even listed under archives. This post also is not showing, although Blogger tells me that my post has been published. What 's wrong?
I hope the error corrects it self. Till then I 'll walk by faith and not by sight

I read a blog improvement article in my newspaper and they have listed some things which I find very helpful.
1. Your blog background should be neat and simple, not too ornamental, otherwise its distracting.
2. The font should be clear and readable. Avoid fancy fonts, its difficult to follow and visitors may lose interest after a few lines.
Actually I like large bold fonts. You just have to click on the bold icon next to fonts once and it will show that way each time you post something.
3. Avoid too many blinkies and widgets on your sidebar and the music player is a No-No. Its helps to keep your page neat and un-cluttered.
I find that the ' You May Also Like This ' boxes also slow down the opening of the page terriblely- the take ages to show up.
Tomorrow the Muslims celebrate Eid and the Hindus have their Ganesh Utsav. There is a great flurry of activity in the markets.
I went on a walk about yesterday and saw women getting henna tattoos on their palms and hands for the festivals. Food prices have gone up.
Someone told us that vermicelli which is a must for Eid was Rs 35 a Kg last week now its Rs 60.
Anyway I hope my Desktop stops playing mind games with me.
What about you? Have your machines been behaving themselves? Mine have a mind of their own and they want to prove it.

12 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those blog suggestions. I agree with all of them. And yes, I'm glad the Koran burning stunt has been called off. Nothing good can come of it. I like the flowers on your header. Good luck with your blog improvements. Sometimes I think it's me against the machine(my computer)! Smiles, Sally

Amrita said...

Hi Sally thank you for your sweet comment. Sometimes these machines behave strange like they have a mind of their ow and want to prove it Ha-Ha.

Dani said...

I am glad about the cancellation of the Koran burning too....too many crazies out there and it would have hurt so many...

Haven't had any problems so far and changed my blog background a few days ago with no far anyway..but it could always happen..I have an older computer with little memory..kinda like me actually...LOL

Kathryn said...

I used to have a couple of Ashleigh Brilliant's books. Really enjoyed them.

I like the blog tips, too. Both music players & flashing sidebars bother me a lot, for different reasons. I usually peruse with my speakers off & only turn them on when i want to listen to something (which is rather rare - i prefer to read than to watch a vid). When i turn them on & find music, i have to go searching for the source (i usually have several windows open at once) before i can watch/listen to what i intended to when i turned on the speakers.

I have a head injury from when i was a child, & may have a mild (VERY mild) form of seizure disorder from that. Certain visuals, but especially blinking lights, bother me very much. Although, the reason i don't care for the music players may stem from this injury, too. Noises disturb me very much.

The burning of the Koran may have been called off, but i don't think many folks know about it yet. I'm hearing a lot of buzz about it on blogs, still.

One writer i follow said that if we are going to preach "tolerance" that we have to practice tolerance. His point was that if we are told we have to accept a Muslim facility being built near Ground Zero, we also have to accept that a preacher (while possibly misguided) has the right to express his beliefs by burning books. He wasn't defending the man or saying he agrees with him, simply saying that it is all part of the fabric of tolerance.

I see his point. However, right as he may be, the burning of another religion's holy book disturbs me very much.

Gerry said...

I can see your new background on Doc's computer. I see everything there, while mine with my little monitor shows less of everything. I took off one of my gadgets. My son told me too many may cause a slow down of adobe flash player. I like your new header photo.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I am glad Mr. Jones isn't burning them, too, but I wish the media had not given him so very much attention -- I think others will take note and try to get "famous" in the same way -- very bad for our troops and those all over the world who live near these extremists --

I hope your Blogger issues will get solved quickly -- it is very irritating and upsetting when the main way to contact others is disrupted!!!

Zimbabwe said...

I agree with You Amrita. Burning the Quran could only make Muslims very angry. I don't agree with Islam, my heart cry when I read about persecution in Islamic world and I pray for persecuted - but I think that actions like that with burning won't help any persecuted Christian.
Henna tattoos are popular in Poland too.
Is my blog background too ornamental?
You had wrote some weeks ago about the virus in Your computer. Maybe is it the cause strange behaviour of Your desctop?

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hi Armita...I know that you'll miss our dear Holly like I will. Loved your post today and your cartoons. The minister in Florida should have been totally ignored. WHy he got so much coverage and free advertisement of his intended dastardly deeds is so silly!!
I agree with comments above, that others may pick up his evil thoughts. Let's hope not. Life is hard enough to fill the world with even more hate.

Tankene said...

Hello I really like your wonderful sayings on your blog. I agree thatwe should not not try to fight hate with hate.The Devil is the great divider: it is so much better to use God's love to bring people together. Sparkles (Tankene is my cat's name and he has a Blog- Please visit us.

Aphra said...

I agree with you about Terry Jones. Jesus called us to love, not hate.
However, in the paper this evening it says that he called off the burning due to pressure from the white house but he is now 'reconsidering'. uggh.

David C Brown said...

"Love is not insolent and rash ..." and the Lord Jesus showed all the features of love. The more Chistians follow that example the more God will help us.

Reenie said...

Yea, I too am glad that the Quran burning stunt was called off.

I am not a religious person, but I can never in my life agree to offending someone... I demand the same from others- but hey- that is how it is played anyway- isn't it?

Have a great festive season. It must be interesting to the diversity of festivities where you are :)