Friday, 17 September 2010


Pretty cool eh?
I found this list in an ad for the Taj Hotels and thought it fits with my blogging activity.
You can add to the list.

I want to say here that sometimes commenting on a blog is like writing A LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF A NEWSPAPER. Your comment gets published but there is no response from the blogger, and no return visit. And you are their follower too and comment quite regularly - I don 't find that encouraging at all.

My friend Ron of the Old Geezer blog ha s some ideas ,thoughts an d questions about blogging check out THE OLD GEEZER BLOG

For some real handsome cats, creative cards and knitting drop by KATHRYN 's BLOG'.You will fall in love with her kitties.

Our frangipani is blossoming. They look so pretty.

Herons fly into the grassy patch behind the church.
They grab tasty bites of insects frogs and other creepy crawlies.

But if I try to get a closer shot, they fly way. They are nervous birds.

Today I made my first batch of bagels. I heard people talk about them, I just had to try.
They are supposed to look more civilized but who cares, they are pretty edible. Mind you I don 't know what they are supposed to taste like. LOL.
I got the recipe from a Jewish website so I know I was getting an authentic recipe. And he says they come out right after lots of practice. So comforted am I.
Its been raining since the past 3 days, -its cooled down considerably - temps in the 80s and 70s.. Our electricity supply is quite regular, another reason to rejoice.
Need prayers for my country - the Temple - Mosque dispute (Ram Janam Bhoomi and Babri Masjid) is causing a lot of communal tension, discord and fear among people. Everyone is walking on egg shells as the High Court is supposed to pronounce a judgement on the issue on Sept. 24th.
I shall write about it in another post, many people in the West don 't know about this important issue facing the two religious groups of India.
Today the Hindus observed Vishwakarma Pooja. God Vishwakarma is the god of all metal things.. So technicians, factory workers, mechanics and metal workers take time out to worship their implements, machines, gadgets, tools even vehicles. A man came over and asked for some banana leaves from our garden for his pooja.
We gave the leaves but advised him against idol worship telling him to seek the true and living God who is unseen and not made with hands.

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Zimbabwe said...

These elements of false religion are also more and more popular in the West world - also in Poland. Many people here say, that it isn't important in which god someone believe. I read in one article, that about 30% of Poles believe in reincarnation. It's real tragedy, because most of this people say, that they are Christian.
In Polish shops last time there are available spices from Asia - green curry from Thailand and Sambal Oelek from Indonesia. We have also Indian yellow curry, made by different firms - I see also in some shops garam masala. I like dishes with curry, because it isn't so spicy, but it hase nice taste - I have heartburn after chili, so I must be careful.

David C Brown said...

As you know I am always pleased to meet persons who have "turned to god from idols" in India. Amid the darkness God brings in the light of Christ. And here in the West so many are indifferent despite the gospel being freely available.

monsoon dreams said...

Even I am a bit scared about the judgement on 24th.My state already has enough problems.It's sad to see our country losing it's communal harmony.Did u like bagels?I am better,Amrita.Ready to start working after a week of rest.

Amrita said...

Hi Zimb, glad you like spiced up food. You can always use mild spices an d no chilli. I make food without chilli for my mother and sprinkle some chilli powder on my food, i f I want to. We also have fresh green chilli and chilli pickle.

Dear David, since you visit India, you have seen it first hand. Idol worship pains the heart too. To see people worship objects and spirits is disturbing. And people accept Jesus a s one of the gods when we witness to them.

Dear Nina, glad you are feeling better. Yes the judgement is causing a lot of fear an d trepidition here. Alld is a sensitive spot. Last week someone threw a dead hog in front of a mosque, but thankfully no trouble ensued as the police took care of the matter.

Amrita said...

Hi Nina, yes I like the bagels. I made some homemade whole wheat bread too. Much healthier than maida bread.

Debra said...

Them bagals look just yummy!

About commenting, sometimes I find it difficult to write intellegent post ( which can be time consuming) and then get around to visit all the blogs you would love to visit.

I haven't found a good formula, so I'll just continue to do the best I can.

Blessings Amrits, hope you have a good day today and the Lord blesses you with an abundance of comments!

Amrita said...

Hi Debra, you ghave a precious blog. I like visiting you

Sita said...

Hi Amrita,
I like any kind of freshly baked bread--it will always rank as one of the best aromas ever(:..I'm sure it was yummy too.
Hey, have you read Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Please do and let me know what you think.
Blessings on your weekend.
Love, Sita

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I try to visit the blogs I'm following at least once a week.
I guess I'm not so clever on commenting the comments on my blog.
There's room for lots of improvements on my blog and in my life.
In my 60th year, I'm still learning, and hopefully moving forwards.

I have no good excuse, except for my ME disease, like your Indian electric power, I'm shut off many times a day.
I sleet four hours after we had visited a car exhibition today.
I try not to think of all my hours in bed, but enjoy my awake life to its full.

One of the modern world's wonders and hopes lies in India.
If opposite cultures can maintain peaceful coexistence, there's hope for mankind.

In my youth they talked about terror balance between east and west.
Meaning nobody has got anything to gain from war or inner armed conflicts.
India needs to be at peace with herself.

We are blessed who have received the Holy Gospel. The more I think, the more I see, it's grace and grace alone.
I'm so glad you are a shining light for Jesus in India.
Indeed, your country needs you.
Best wishes from Felisol

Gerry said...

I keep thinking of making some home made wheat bread, but must get some yeast and some kind of oil. I was raised with home made bread, and we children were even set to the task of making it as our father got irate if he did not have home made bread set before him. I knew he worked hard so didn't mind making bread for him if it made him feel better. I will check out the Old Geezer blog.

Amrita said...

Hi Sita, no I haven 't read this book. Will Google and see what it is about.

Dear Felisol, its such a pleasure to read your conversations. May th e Lord heal your body. You are so active, hiking with the girls and visiting such interesting places to show us, spendin g time with mother. And reading the classics is serious work too (smile).

Yes India needs to be at peace with herself, the whole of North India is pretty disturbed.

Dear Gerry, your interview vids are very interesting. Nice to meet your friends this way.
I like homemade whole wheat bread, its healthy too. Refined flour is not good for cholestrol too.

donna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I get discouraged too; But from my experiences in life (high school, college, work environment, church) blogs tend to operate in cliques rather than reaching out to just love on others, offer friendship, prayer, encouragement. It discourages me from even wanting to blog...:( sorry..I'm a little down these days.

Amrita said...

I know whar you mean Donna, I just thank the lor d for all the good friends , like you I have made. Just try to concentrate on the positive.