Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Vet Day

Yesterday Sheeba showed signs of being unwell.
Everyday at 3pm she comes to me and demands to be petted and fed. If I pretend to ignore her, she nudges me and barks at me.
Yesterday none of that and she refused food.
By this morning she was doing rather badly, she could hardly walk ,felt warm and drooled heavy saliva. All this made me very nervous an d anxious.

Without wasting any time we got on a rickshaw to see the vet. She got 3 shots and 2 kinds of pills to take morning - evening. She needs 2 more sessions of shots.
But she was feeling better within a short time. Had some biscuits and chapati with lentil soup. In the evening I gave her more bread and soup and milk and a bit of chicken.
She is going to be OK. I am so relieved. She is going to be 9 years old in December.

On the way to the vet I took some snaps with my mobile camera.

School is out - the boys are cycling home.

Allahabad is an academic city with a number of premium schools, colleges and university .
Student and professional classes and tutorials are big business here. On almost every prominent street you can see buildings big and small housing these educational centers.

A traffic policeman directing vehicles on a busy intersection. The traffic scares me. It s survival of the fittest.

Some more buildings housing coaching classes and businesses.

There was violence in Kashmir yesterday after a TV station (based in Iran) aired a video showing the Quran being desecrated in the US.
14 people including a policeman were killed, 40 were injured. Several government buildings and Christian schools , Tyndale Biscoe and Good Shepherd were torched. HERERead a news report
It doesn 't take long for evil to spread its tentacles.
Good news - today the lights did not go out at all and we had a good rain shower.
Let me end with an anonymous saying by a tribal elder of Ghana cited in the New York Times Feb 12, 1993
What I know ,that you ought to know, but do not know makes me powerful.

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Deb said...

Amrita - I will be praying for your precious pup. I know how they have the ability to weave themselves into our hearts!

Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful country. I have always wanted to visit India. My aunt and uncle were missionaries there and raised their daughters there. Both are home with the Lord now, but their one daughter, Arlene, still lives in India - her husband also recently passed away, but she remains there, where her heart has always been - in a country she has grown to love. One day, I may get there...and for sure, I'll be paying you a visit!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Sad to learn about Sheba being ill, but happy that she made such a speedy recover.
We also are allowed to pray for animals, at least that what I think.
Jesus said that not even a sparrow falls to earth without our Heavenly Father knowing it.

Allahabad impresses me.
I enjoy broadening my horizon by learning more about your wonderful country.

Dani said...

so glad that you posted..I have heard about some of the violence..and was praying you'd be safe...we live in such a cruel world right now....
I'm also glad that Sheba is recovering..maybe its something she ate?
our pets become family, don't they?

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Poor Sheeba! Does the vet know what was wrong? At 9 she still has many more years, that is my hope. I hope she continues to gain strength.

Zimbabwe said...

Maybe Sheeba suffers from high umidity too? That's very well, that You can go to vet. You must very love her.
My Berta will take pills against worms - it rutine.
This picture with bank ING is similar to view of one Cracovian street :)
I greet You very heartly.

Terra said...

Your little white dog, Sheba, looks very miserable, and that is great you found the right medicines for her.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khyra and I hope Sheba is still feeling better -

Glad she enjoyed her ride to the vet -

Thanks for sharing the pics and bits about the area!

Amrita said...

Dear Deb, Felisol, Dani, Felisol, Holly, Zimb, Terra an d Khyra & Mom, thank you for sending such sweet thoughts across. I wish I could translate them into doggie language for Sheeba, she would way her tail appreciatively I am sure.

Dear Deb, nice to know your aunt auncle lived in India. Kucknow is our state capital. Did your cousins go to Woodstock school? May be they know some older missionaries I know.

Yes Zimb, it could be ther humidity or something she ate. But she is much better now. I will consult with the vet, maybe we can skip the painful shots - I have her pills.

You are right Dani, our pets become like our family members

Glennis said...

I like street scenes from India they are so exotic to us. Hope you dog is better soon, we grow to love our pets so much. And that the violence on the streets is soon under control, very frightening.

Reenie said...

Glad she is better now and you took her to a vet without wasting any time. What was wrong though, do you know?

Deb said...

Hi Amrita...didn't know the missionaries you mentioned from Mechanicsburg - although my other cousins may know them as they live in that area...don't know which denomination. My cousins are Assembly of God. Arlene Stubbs lives in Hyderabad where she and her late husband, Earl Stubbs pastored an A/G church there. I believe they may have had something to do with a Bible school too. I don't know where you live - if it's anywhere near Hyderabad. India is such a huge country!!

Deb said...

Ah...googlemaps shows Allahabad to be greater than 1000 km north of Hyderabad....I'm guessing you may not have run into my cousins on the streets of your town! lol

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita:)

I am glad to know that Sheeba is getting well although she gave you so much worries.She is so pretty and cute.

I feel burning Quran was not the right thing to do.We already know that muslim fanatics are capable of creating havoc and Kahmir is a place full of muslims.Many Hindu families were put through harrowing times by these muslim fanatics and many of the Hindu families had to leave Kashmir because of threat to their lives.The state government is playing soft and the central government is equally soft. So this problem will also magnify in the near future.Muslim fanatics are infiltrating Kashmir in large numbers from Pakistan fully trained and with the latest weapons.We, as a nation, are not able to put the fear of God in Pakistan.We have to live with this sore thumb called Kashmir.

Lovely photos.

Beat wishes to you and your family:)

Amrita said...

Hi Deb, no I don' t know the Stubbs, and as you know Hyderabad is very far from where i live. I 've been there once for a Conference tho'

The missionaries I know were from Alliance / Team Mission, Presbyterian and Brethren In Christ.

Amrita said...

Hi Reenie, I think it was a stomach bug an d viral fever.

Amrita said...

Dear Mr Joseph, you are very right about Kashmir. The infiltators are causing all the trouble. Everyday people are dying. There is such chaos and anarchy there. They should do wha t Indra Gandhi did in Punjab.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's great that your dog- Sheba is doing very well. Hope she recovers completely very soon. Those stories about the Koran being burned by a fanatic Christian is indeed a sad news. As Christians, we should be considerate of others and not fan the flames of religious sectarianism and bigotry. That Christian fanatic is as guilty as those religious extremists. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Jackie said...

Hello Amrita......I stumbled upon your site this evening and blessed by your blog!

So sorry to hear that your Sheba isn't feeling well, but thankful the vet was able to help her! I have several pets and I know how it hurts our heart when they are ailing!

I'm following your blog now and hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit....I love meeting new bloggin' Sisters in the Lord!


Zimbabwe said...

How Sheeba is feeling now?


I hope Sheeba the dog feels better soon.

Amrita said...

Dear Mel, news travels so fast these days and there are always people waiting to take advantage of the situation. But Kashmir is going through a very bad time due to millitancy and Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Hello Jackie, welcome to my blog. It is my pleasure entering my name on you r follower 's list too. I relly appreciate your godly blog.

Dear Ron and Zimb, thank you for asking about Sheeba. She is doing very well and ate normal food today. She is active too.

monsoon dreams said...

Good know Sheeba is doing fine.
I am sick again,Amrita.On leave this week.Hope your day is good.

Kathryn said...

I'm sorry Sheba was unwell, but always so enjoy seeing pictures of your outings. :) Hope she is much improved soon!

I'm sorry to hear of the uprisings, & particularly sorry that they arose for something that started in the States. I wish Christians would adhere more to "Love your neighbor" & less to trash their religion. I believe we can be so much more effective in love. That said, some folks will always find a reason to spread hate & evil.

Hope you are well dear. Always so appreciate that you visit me & comment.

Crown of Beauty said...

I am glad that Sheba got the medical attention she needed, and that she is going to be fine.

She is as old as my dear Samantha, Sammy for short... a half breed dachshund and basset hound - she will turn 9 years old this December.

Nice pictures you have here... such a legacy you have in your place.


Amrita said...

Hello MD, I hope you are getting better my dear. Glad you took time off to rest an d recover.
We have a H1N1 menace looming over our hospitals here. A few doctors have fallen illne3ss with the virus. One patient died of it.

Dear Katyhryn, thank you for your sweet comment. Both your cats are so handsone. They have great personalities. Yes it s sad to see how fire of vilence spreads , mobsters take advantage of the situation to create create disorder.

Dearest Lidj, thank you for your visit. Your pet is so sweet, I remember you posted a photo. Hope your family is doing well.

Robin said...

hugs to Sheeba & Amrita!