Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Blessings- We are Family

I scanned some photos from the 80s to show you our family and friends. My sister Anju and I were in University and sis Namrita was in school. We lived in a small flat - 9 of us, space and privacy challenged, but we never missed it as we were all so happy together.

We were newly born again belonging to a traditional Christian family and being a part of God 's greater family gave us new life and energy.

Above L-R (front) Papa, Mama, Amrita, Grandmother, Anju, Uncle Kenneth (Papa 's elder brother) his wife Aunt Virginia

Back row- Namrita, our friends Alex and Korah, Aunt Sybil and Sonia

Here we are with our friends George and his sister Antima. George had Afro style hair. You can see my sitar at the back and my sister Anju 's batik painting of the horses.

Again one big happy family.

There some more people in this faded picture. We are celebrating Papa' s birthday- in the centre is the cake.

On the extreme left is Uncle Ariel (Papa 's younger brother) and Aunt Marjorie (Papa' s elder sister) both are with the Lord.

All of the elders are with the Lord now and my sisters are with their families , we miss them so much. Life feels incomplete without them.

Now its Generation Next.From tomorrow my niece Mahima is starting University. Here she is with her brother Ashish. God go with you Mahima.

The following devotional from Joni Eareckson Tada spoke to my heart , specially the questions are something to think about.


Grow in Grace"

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory."--2 Corinthians 3:18

I received a letter from an old school friend the other day. After twenty-five years of friendship, it was good to read that she is still growing in the Lord. But I was especially touched with her closing salutation, "Grow in grace." It made me think: Just how have I grown in God's grace over the last year? Is this something that can be measured?

Bishop J.C. Ryle puts it this way: "When I speak of growth in grace, I mean an increase in the degree, size, strength, vigor, and power of the graces that the Spirit plants in our hearts. When I speak of a person growing in grace, I mean simply this-that his sense of sin is becoming deeper, his faith stronger, his hope brighter, his love more extensive, and his spiritual-mindedness more marked. He feels more of the power of godliness in his heart. He manifests more of it in his life; He goes on from strength to strength, from faith to faith, and from grace to grace.

"Is your sense of sin deeper than it was last year?

Is your hope brighter?

Do you sense more of the power of godliness in your heart?

We can be transformed into His likeness; something fundamentally different can happen in our lives from year to year. Change is possible, and a new and improved you is within reach. This is how it happens: Behold the Lord's glory and you will grow in grace.

Lord Jesus, I behold You today in all of Your majesty and splendor, Your excellence and purity. Transform me into the person You want me to be as I grow in Your grace.

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Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

This "hotwich" of yours sounds interesting!

God showered the people of India with so much life and brains and beauty too! Love seeing your family pictures.

Felisol said...

Brain, beauty, love and consideration that must be the essence of Amrita and her family.
I also miss many dear once from the|eighties.
Then, there's new ones coming; generation following generation.
Just like the Lord wanted it to be.
Some day, soon, there will be no partings, no bidding farewells. Oh, that will be the day!


Wow! What great old photos. I love the afro George is wearing. Afros were very popular in the USA during the 80s.

monsoon dreams said...

wonderful snaps!!alex and korah,are they from kerala?mine too was a joint family when i was a was fun.miss my near ones,esp father.

Terra said...

Your family photos show a charming loving group of people; I can see how you would miss the elders, and big family gatherings. Your niece looks bright and beautiful and filled with the hope of youth, and she gives us hope too.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You have beautiful pictures from the past. They bring back joyous memories of your past. Your niece is very beautiful. She has beautiful eyes too. Growing in grace is the fulfillment of the promise of God that He who begins His work in us shall bring it to fruition. We are all works in progress. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Reenie said...

The first laptop that I had in life, it was a hand-me-down from my dad. I used it mostly for uni-work and Internet; but years afterwards- I saw some really old photos my dad had saved- of our home in Iraq, of my now- deceased grandmother who brought me up, of a past that is so different from our present... Crazy as life was when those pics were taken- those pics made me want to go back in time and relive it...

Emotions old pics sometimes brings are complex little things, aren't they? :)

Zimbabwe said...

Lovely pictures of love and real unity. You must have very good church. It is important for our spiritual grown. I wish everyone this big family.

Buttercup said...

I do believe my hope is brighter. I'm going to save Bishop Ryle's words and reflect on them. The photos are wonderful. In my family too, the elders are not with us any longer -- except for my aunt and a few cousins, and I am now one of the elders, which amazes me. Blessings to your beautiful niece as she begins university, and to you, my friend. Will be stopping over to see the hotwich recipe.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and dear family you have Amrita. I'm sorry I've not commented on you very nice post lately, there have been computer problems but they are over now. I saw your family pictures on Holly's blog and had to stop over to see more. Have a good week. Smiles, Sally

Mrs. Mac said...

I enjoyed seeing your old family pictures Amrita. I have many pictures of loved ones that have passed on that make me lonely for them. What a beautiful niece full of hope and ambition starting her university life tomorrow. Blessings to all of you.

Brad the Dad said...

Love the quote from Bishop Ryle. So challenging, because it is all to easy to get into a holding pattern instead of moving on. Of course, while the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep, I don't think He equipped us with a hover function. Gotta keep moving, yeah?!

JI said...

Hi Amrita,

Nice photos. Looks like a happy family. Maybe its because you're a 'born again' family! Faith certainly gives us a lot of hope and strength, and it can transform our lives.

I would describe myself as born again.

Best wishes,

Amrita said...

Many thanks to each one of you for your responses.

Dear JI welcome to my blog. I have high regard for your inspiring and eloquont blog

Amrita said...

Ye s Monsoon Dreams our frinds Alex and Korah are from Kerala, also George and Antima. Now they are scattered all over the world. I only found Alex on Facebook.