Friday, 24 September 2010

The Ram Temple and Babri Mosque Judgement Delayed

There were mixed reactions from the general public after we heard the deferment of the crucial judgement till Sept. 28th. The Supreme Court has given the two contending groups, Hindus and Muslims a few more days to seek an amicable solution. But neither party displays any eagerness for that. What could not be done in the past 60 years cannot be accomplished in a week.

And there is the time factor too. The judgement ha s to be pronounced by Sept. 30th because Justice Sharma . one of the judges of the 3 judges bench is retiring on Oct. 1st. If the judgement does not come by then , a new judge will have to be appointed and all the hearings repeated , causing months of delay.It is a very complicated situation.

Some people heaved a sigh of relief as all of us were preparing for a self imposed curfew for the next 3 days, fearing the worst. I was invited to a ladies Bible study yesterday but did not go. We cancelled today 's prayer meeting. Two much awaited movie s were not released today. Some schools had already announced a holiday today, so children missed a day 's study. Please pray for peace in our land.

Below is a news report from NDTV.

New Delhi: The verdict on the Ayodhya title suit has been deferred by at least five days by the Supreme Court. It was scheduled to be delivered on Friday by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court. The Supreme Court will now hear a plea before it again on Tuesday, September 28. (Watch: Ayodhya verdict deferred) The warring parties may see reason and try and bring a solution so that the judgement is not delivered," said Mukul Rohtagi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court. Zafaryab Gilani, the counsel for the Muslim Wakf Baord said after today's court order,"I don't think there is any chance of reconciliation.""There can be a reconciliation only after there is a proposal from the other side. Otherwise, we will respect whatever the court decides," Mahant Bhaskar Das of the Nirmohi Akhara told NDTV. In the Supreme Court on Thursday, there was a difference of opinion between the two judges who heard Tripathi's petition. Justice HL Gokhale said, "Even if there is one per cent chance of reconciliation, it should be given. Consequences for ordinary people, but not for the petitioners.If there are consequences, people will blame the Supreme Court."
Another key decision by the Supreme Court on Thursday was making the Centre a party to this case. After the divided opinion, the court has issued notice to all parties in the Ayodhya case and to the Attorney General, which means that the Centre, which had hitherto not been a party to the case, can now put forth its views.
A three judge bench is now expected to hear the case as a detailed order on the Ayodhya deferment plea says in view of the difference of opinion between the two judges, the matter will be placed before the Chief Justice for constituting a larger bench.All eyes are on whether there will be a verdict by the end of this month. This because one of the High Court judges hearing the case in Lucknow retires then. If the verdict is not delivered before September 30, the entire trial may have to be conducted again. The Supreme Court took this into account before fixing its next date of hearing for deferment to September 28. The centre has been wary in the run up to the Ayodhya verdict. There have been appeals from the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the cabinet.
There is unprecedented security at the Lucknow High Court and many battalions of paramilitary forces. 60 years after the case was first dragged into court, the dust over the Babri dispute still refuses to settle down, and the court order is still a way out. But the next few days are an opportunity for the wisemen of the two communities, who in 1947 decided to share a nation - the Babri dispute is over just 70 odd acres of land.

The woman who comes to help me a with a little cleaning work arrived this morning with her face shining.
She is uneducated and belongs to an impoverished background. She lives with her husband, mother-in-law and 4 children in a small shack .Their living conditions are deplorable.

This woman has a myriad of struggles to make ends meet as her husband is an alcoholic. Her son is lazy and un-settled and loses interest in any employment he finds. Both men hardly contribute to the family 's income.The 3 daughters are of marriageable ages (teens) and the mother is worried for them. They are conservative and don 't allow the girls to work.
There is no running water in their house. A neighbour had been giving them water in lieu of payment, but a few months ago he stopped that as his water supply dropped. Poor N has been going to a roadside tap to collect water for her entire family, every morning before coming for work. She washes the family clothes at our garden tap. Her men do not lift a finger to help her and the girls are not allowed to go to the roadside.
Today this lady was all smiles because a community leader finally managed to get a water connection for their shanty settlement. She was so excited and told us that the workmen have already started laying the pipes. She is planning to save some money and get her own connection from the community pipeline she told us proudly.
It was as if she has discovered an oil gusher in her back yard.

India is a land of glaring contrasts. There are those who have luxuries like these pictured below.

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Anvilcloud said...

These seem to be tense times for your country. All the best.

Amrita said...

Thank you for stopin g by Anvilcloud.

Kathryn said...

Goodness dear, what a time of upheaval. Prayers for you & yours & all to be safe.

What a contrast in living conditions. India is indeed a land of many different castes.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that when I think of India, I do not think of the luxuries you show in your pictures. Just as I'm sure many would not associate North America with pictures of poverty, homelessness, isolation - but it is there (here) too. We are so alike in many ways.

I am thankful I do not need to go to a spiritual place to worship my God and am saddened for the unrest.

David C Brown said...

This needs the wisdom of Solomon - or rather, a Greater than Solomon. Trusting all is kept under control.

Zimbabwe said...

World is full of differences. I saw villages destroyed by flood - something terrible - in one moment people lost all they had. In this same moment there are people who spend their money (I means very big money) for impractical and extravagant clothes. I read about war about water - it is very real.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I hope the case of the temple will be resolved in a way that any further conflict will be avoided and it does not deteriorate into a religious conflict. The Philippines is very much like India. Side by side with the affluent minority are the impoverished majority who never had a taste of a decent life. The rich should reach out and help their impoverished brethren. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Pia said...

i was about to same the same thing as what mel said. our country is very much like india. it's sad but that's reality.

Amrita said...

Dear Jen, Pia, Mel, Zimb David and Kathryn, thank you for your valuable commnet.

We are facing many problems big an d small right now as a nation

Kashmir rebellion- anarchy

Maoist insurgency,


Terrorism threats

Religious turmoil

Commonwealth games debacle

besides our everyday struggles.

Dear Jen, India has vast wealth but its uneqyally distributed.

Anil Ambani, Indian bussinessman is set to become the richest man in the world!!!

Arts&Disability said...

Amrita..... it is so blessed to see your part in all of this.. and that you remain an inspiration & inspire.... helping where God has enabled.

God bless you our friend... water - such an elemental & basic point... it brings everything in perspective.

P.S. Are those water vases / cans - made of Aluminum? (in the picture of all the WOMEN waiting to get the water).
Love His Sonshine

JI said...

This is the last thing India needs right now - a verdict in a controversial case that has the potential to aggravate tensions between Hindus and Muslims. I remember when the Babri Masjid was destroyed. That's when I realised the true horrors of Hindu fundamentalism. Then throughout the 90s there were riots between Hindus and Muslims. All of this propelled the overtly Hindu BJP party into power. Attacks on Christians also increased.

India is one of the most unequal societies in the world. While there is a growing middle class, the majority of people are still afflicted by poverty. Around 37% of people live on less then $1 a day, which is a staggering statistic. And this is the country that tries to portray to the world that it has finally arrived on the world stage. In many parts of eastern and central India, human development indices are no different from sub-Saharan Africa. When most of India's politicians are corrupt, it's not surprising things are the way they are.

I despair sometimes the way things are going in India.

Amrita said...

Dear Merry Lynn, we try to help thos e who are much less fortunate than us in wehatever way we can. The woman lives quite far from house otherwise she could have taken all th e water she wants from us. She does her laundry her, that is a help, sometime s sh e has had a bath and her daughter too.

Yes thos e are aliminum containers, light weight, they also have steel an d plastic.

You are right its th e women who do the hard work, in the rural areas sometimes they walk for miles to fetch water in little pots.

Dear JI . thank you for your well written and excellent comment. I shall reproduce it on my main post.

This is a very controversial issue and should be resolved as soon as possible. Either shey should divide the land and build a mosque and temple side by side or have neither. Many people are of the opinion that a hospital, park or national monument should be buit there.

Dec 6th 1992 was a terrible day. I remember i had to traverl home from Mussoorie where I was teaching in Woodstock school and our train was diverted. Very scary.

Dani said...

I am praying for you as these are such terrible times for your country right now...times are rough every where in the world but the poorer nations always seem to get it the worst....the poorest here in the States are well off compared to India...we have much to be thankful for and pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world who suffer greatly...God bless

Dick said...

Of course it's bad that there is so much difference in the living conditions but it's just as bad or worse a family leaves it all up to only one person, I wonder where the money for the alcoholics comes from.
Thanks for visiting.

Arts&Disability said...

Amrita - thank you for your reply... & that the water jars are often of aluminum (lightest) Actually, they look very pretty in all that is so ugly with your water wars, understandably.

I know someone brought up the expense of being an alcoholic... but the bootleg variety is very cheap... yet most unhealthful..

We appreciate your subtle & beautiful spirit in the midst of pain & to understand the women in this .... We may not be able to explain everything... but we pray for you & appreciate your wisdom in our Lord!
Love in our Lord,
His Sonshine

Amrita said...

Hi Dick, the husband workers as a motorcycle mechanic in a garage but what ever he earns , he spends on his addiction occasionionally buys some vegetbles for dinner.

Dear Meyy Lynn, yes people from the lower econimic background drink the bootlet or country liqour, its cheaper bu t very dangerous. Several men died recently after consuming adulterated atuff.

Julia said...

The strive and conflict, disparity and wealth of your land makes our daily tribulations seem mundane by comparison (in the U.S.)...

Abigail Jasmine said...

Amrita ~ This was interesting to read. I enjoy reading your thoughts & what you have to say.


Amrita, you post the most interesting photos and related information. Thank you, ~Ron

Amrita said...

Dear Julia, Abigail and Ron, I really apreciate your comments.

Reenie said...

Class differences bases to one's financial situation is actually one of the definining characteristics of a 'developing' economy. From my perception of India, it also has a big segment of 'middle class'... Which is always good...

Sorry I'm nerdying up your comment page, but all I wanted to say is that- this is a phase every economy goes through. Do not get disheartened... There's hope that better days are in the horizon.

Amrita said...

Thank you Reenie for your encouraging remark. Yes there are better times ahead and in th e past 60 years India had made a lot of progress.