Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sparkles in The Sonshine

Dear  friends I 've  been  so  busy
these  last  few  days  I  have  not
 been  able  to  update  my  blog.
Its  midnight  here  and I am 
composing  this  post  after  a  full
and  somewhat  tiring   day.
Ashish  and  Megan  have  come  to  me  as  rays  of 
They  have  brought  laughter  and  youthfulness
to  me, which I 
miss   so  much.
Its   so  refreshing  to  laugh
with  someone an d listen
to  them laughing
and  enjoying themselves.
I  will  share  our  daily  experiences 
and  photos.
I  want  to  welcome
Megan's  friends and  all
new  visitors who
have  stopped  by  to  visit
Yesu Garden.
To   my  blogfriends  I  want  to  say  that
I am lagging  behind 
in  my  visits,
but  I  will  catch  up
with  your  posts 
in  due  time/
I  thank you  all  for  visiting  me 
and  leaving   such  sweet  comments.
Thank  you  for  your  prayers.
We  all  are  well  by  God 's  grace
and  our  Canadian visitors 
have  not  had  any problems.

The  Allahabad All  Saint' s  Cathedral
The  High Court ( highest  court  of  our  state)
Our  house.
Megan  and  Ash  at the  Frankfurt  airport
In Tura  (N E  India).  I 'm  gonna  enjoy  Indian sweets
Delicious  gulab jamuns.
Cave  exploring. (L-R) Namrita (my  sister) her  hubby and  sons Mishael,Rayguel, a cousin , Ash and  Megan.
A  jungle tree  house - an observation  post plus  residence.
Megan  's little  friend
That  hanging  bridge has  missing  boards
I  am  hanging  in   the  balance
Climbing up  to  the  tree  house
Inside  the  tree  house. You  can rent  it  on  a  holiday
Namrita  and Ash  with  a  bamboo  roof   above  their   heads.
Eating  traditional  NE  food  at  a  wedding  reception. They  were  served  on  a  banana  leaf ( very   ecologically  friendly) There  were  so  many  dishes , it  was  not  possible  to  sample  everything.
I am gonna  get  real  traditional and  eat  with my  fingers.
At  a  bridge  with  Nanrita  and  her  family. They  took them  on picnics and sightseeing.
The  two  guys  beside  a  stream.
The  peaceful  Garo  Hills.
Sunday   morning  worship  at  church

The  pictures  above  were  taken at  a  waterfall.
A  green  mountain trail.
Visiting  friends.
The  dining  area  of  the  guest  house  Megan  stayed  in.
The  view from  her  room.
Morning  devotions.
Bird' s eye  view of the   marketplace.
Megan  is  so  beautiful. I  wan t to  get  her  into  a  sari  and  take  photos.
A  Catholic  Church
The  Meghalaya tick tick  lizard  is  really  unique. It  makes  a  tick-tick  sound.
This  little  chicken  came  to  town.
A  new  friend.
Sunset in Tura
The  bazaar  at  night time.
It  was  hard  to say  goodbye  to  Tura.
(L-R) Mishael, Ash  and Rayguel.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Do not apologize for not visiting blogs, just keep on enjoying yourself with your visitors. That is so important, and it looks like a wonderful time is being had by all. What beautiful country side. I hope you can get Megan into a sari for some photos. She is a lovely young woman.


Nadwrażliwiec said...

I understant You. I have last time more learning so I don't write so many posts too.
Church in Allahabad looks similar to Gothic or Neo-Gothic. I love Gothic style.
Generally, Your photos are so beautiful. Especially the waterfall and family with the sunset.

Terra said...

Thank you for sharing this tour with us here. I think you are getting energy by spending time with these vibrant young people.

Arts&Disability said...

A lot of work and it is all your joy!

John Cowart said...

Wow, Amrita, such a lot of photos.

I really like the cave, hanging bridge, and waterfall shots.

Glad to see you are back posting.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love the pictures. Megan is simply lovely. And spirited, too!

Your house looks so cool and inviting. I love the overhanging roof. When the monsoons come, I bet the rain makes a wonderful sound!

Sita said...

love the update(:

Amrita said...

Dear friend s thank you so much for talking to me. I am really short of time. Last night we were called for dinner - the hosts had evening classes and retined home at 10 pm and complted cooking for us, We were served by 10.30 om, tiring but fun.

I will update with more pox etc.

Amrita said...

Sorry I will update with more pix I wanted to say

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm so happy that all prayers were heard and Ashish and Megan seem to have had the most wonderful holiday ever.
even better that one could possibly hope for. Your India is just beautiful beyond words.
From felisol

Nikki (Sarah) said...

wow. that first picture is breath taking. and the other pics are great too. love reading this post.

Diane said...

Amrita, I haven't visited in a long while and just wanted to let you know that I dropped by. The pictures were beautiful. It looks like your company had a wonderful trip and I know you enjoyed having them! Thank you for sharing!

Many hugs...........

Diane (ScarfSisters)

Cindy said...

Amrita, So glad that blogging has brought you such joy as it does me.

Enjoy your time with your friends.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your photographs.

Love from NC (USA),

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Busy days for you and your Canadian guests. Yes, Meagan is beautiful and she looks kindhearted too. You got so many beautiful photos of your various activities with your guests. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.