Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Aubergine Courgettes wuth Sudanese Tahini and Yogurt Dip

Last night   I made  aubergine  courgettes  with Sudanese   Tahini  and Yogurt  Dip.
All  of  it  made  from the  scratch
including  the  yogurt  and  tahini paste.

Tahini  paste  is  very  easy  to  make.

Last  month  Milka,  our  Pastor 's
daughter  celebrated  her  12th  birthday.
She came  to  see  Mama
dressed  in  her  birthday  finery.
They  brought  us dunner
of  chicken  and  vegetable  curries
puris (fried bread)
pea  pilaf
and rice  pudding.
Milka  is  studying  in Grade  7.
I help her  with  her English
related  subjects whenever
she  asks  for assistance.

Tomorrow  we  are  having  a half  day
Believers  Retreat  in  our  church
10 am  to 1 pm.
Closing  with  lunch.
40  to  50  people   are  expected.
We  are  looking   forward  to that.
All these  are  good  and  perfect
gifts  from God

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Nadwrażliwiec said...

Hmmm... Very exotic and I believe yummy...

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said... it looks delicious!!!! I love tahini. How exciting about the Church Retreat... it will be a very special event!

What a lovely picture!!!


monsoon dreams said...

How I wish I could spend some days with you!!
Back from India after a hectic vacation,straight into a hectic job which starts at 6 am in the morning,till 5 pm!!Settling down now,getting adjusted to the fast pace.
May God give you a wonderful time at the retreat.
Love and hugs,

Amrita said...

Thank Zim, Doris and Nina, may God give me the opurtunity to cook for you some day.

Trish said...

Amrita, your food always looks delicious.
Enjoy the Church Retreat.
Oh, and Milka is beautiful.