Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Dances with the Elves

This is hilarious. Just click on the above link and watch an elf dance ...Sheeba, my niece, Mama and me. Mahima will kill me for this . But I like taking risks . Took my life in my hands. Try this folks. Good fun.

I got this from my friend Gudl 's blog

Oh Mahima that dagger looks real...arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh...glug...glug. Just kidding she lives light year footsteps away.

P.S. I showed Mama the graphic and she was very tickled and laughed a lot. Really enjoyed it. And when Aunt Sybil heard us laughing she also wanted to have a look, but she was in bed, so she said she will look at it tomorrow.

Today Aunt S had 2 lunches.I gave her lunch at the usual time and an hour later said came into the kitchen saying she hadn 't eaten and wanted to have food. We told her she had had her lunch, but she was not convinced and got angry. So I simply gave her some more. Sometimes she does forget she has eaten. Has anybody else had this experience with elder care?

Just got a call from a cousin in the UK ...marriage problems.

Today we had a heavy rain storm in the afternoon.Which is good for our contruction work. We are pouring dirt to lay the road and the rain water will settle it so it will be easier for the road leveling machine (roller) to do its job.

The Lord has promised in His Word that He shall make the rough places smooth. Handel remembered that while composing "The Messiah". I love that song.

Every valley shall be made low

And the rough places smooth.

I am gonna make some more elves dance

My sister, BIL, nephew & niece

5 Fertilize my soul:

Susan Skitt said...

That was so funny! (You are quite the dancer - [smile])

My brother-in-law did this too and I did one for my family but have had trouble on my computer loading mine, but yours came through just fine :)

Have a great day my friend!

Sara said...

what fun!

yes, forgetting having eaten is normal, also forgetting having taken medications. you handled it perfectly. am praying for you and your sweet household.

Kimmie said...

Amrita you make a cute elf...your dance moves are pretty smooth too! lol

I am happy He makes the rough places smooth, our adoption is pretty rough right now...May He smooth it out and bring our children home (soon!)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Amrita said...

hi friends,

I shall turn some more of my relatives in elves.I like dancing, but only with my middle school students.We had class nights and home room nights and freak out.

We all have rough places in our lives that need to be straightened out, so i have posted a video of that piece from Handel.God bless

nvittal said...

The company I used to work earlier did this. They really do cool stuff like this one. In the past, they did a similar one for Gillette (Shaving products).