Monday, 3 December 2007

Morning Shivers

Got up this morning to a cloudy sky and drizzle.Quite chilly for us.
Our Aunt S - the prophetess had already predicted it. Yesterday at 1 o 'clock in the afternoon,she looked out into the sunny garden and remarked,"Its cloudy and its raining".Well it had to be, nature obeys her.
Anyway, I got up from bed in the morning and felt my neck for my precious gold chain and it was gone.

I had a major panic attack and started hunting for it like a maniac afraid to wake up my Mom. Thankfully I found it caught in the collar of a shirt I was wearing.
And breathed a sigh of relief.

I am nervous about losing gold jewellery because when I was 11 years old (Grade 5) I lost my Mom 's
gold bangles, (heritage from Grandma).I wore them to a park we were visiting and when we returned, I put them under my pillow and fell asleep.The maid stole them when she was making the bed.We could not recover them from her as we had no proof.But we knew it had to be her as she had stolen other things.

They were similar to the above bangles...24 carat pure gold.For years I felt very guilty. But now I feel my Mom should have been more careful and either not given them to me to wear, an irresponsible 11 yr. old kid, or she should have taken them from me and put them away when we returned from our outing.Anyway she has given me gold bangles which I keep very safely.

This is one of the pizzas I made for dinner.The usual, tomato, pepper,garlic with spring onions, spinach, paneer (cottage cheese) and mushroom and of course the herbs.
Wish I could have all of you out there for supper.
If we all could meet what a jamboree we 'd have!

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Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dear Amrita,

Thanks for the below wedding post an I hope you are feeling better (knee/hand etc) too. I can imagine how it is when your jewlery is stole, its AWFULL!!! The cake looks yummie, good!

Once when we came home from a short holiday there was broken-in in our appartment in Amsterdam, all my jewelry was stolen ans all our (leather and normal) clothes and shoes, even my make-up was gone. The MOST terrible thing was that my Dad had given me some silver jewelry he took with him from India (yes!!) This jewelry could NEVER be replaced again, so sad! It was not expensive jewelry but emotional it mend so much to me!!....

Well Amrita I hope this never will happen to you, I wish you a good week, and take care,

I keep posting more about PARIS today and tomorrow again, :)

Web-OJ said...

Does your mom read your blog? Heh! Heh!

Aura said...

Glad you found your necklace...
The pizza looks yummy!!!!Love to do my own pizza too if only i can make a better dough.

Amrita said...

Thank goodness my Mum doesn 't read my blog.Non of my relatives do. They are just too busy, can manage an email once in a while, the phone works for them.

Donetta said...

Hello, Dear Lady the pizza looks very good. What a hard thing for an 11 yr old to go through.