Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sheep May Graze

I like collecting funny ,crazy things which take my fancy.Got the above sheep blouse years ago.Just love the picture.Wouldn 't we all want to join our fleecy friends on a beach in sunny Goa (India 's West coast near Mumbai).We could go para gliding!

What do you think of this handbag.? Needed one as my last one (20 years old) was worn out.I had been using the more ethnic bags .Thought I might do with a business style one.Its got lots of compartments inside.
But the prices will go up when they see this in the market place.They check out your attire and accessories and charge you sometimes. Difficult to explain.What I pay Rs 15 for, my maid can get in Rs 5. Not fair.
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10 Fertilize my soul:

Susan Skitt said...

Lovely purse Amrita! I need a new one soon. I've had mine for many years and it's starting to wear out :)

P.S. Love the sheep on the beach - fun!

Dick said...

It's not fair indeed, but in the Netherlands it doesn't make much difference. I would like to join the sheep, next week I have some sheep photos. But not on a warm beach it's around 0 degr. C. over here.

Aura said...

Its a lovely bag Amrita! You can use your ethnic bag when shopping.

I would´nt mind going on a trip to Goa or any other tropical country. Cold and gloomy down here!

Pat said...

Love the sheep picture - just the type that would catch my eye too!
The bag is very pretty. I have a hard time finding one I really like, I usually keep mine till they fall apart, which would probably work well if I went shopping with you - they would feel sorry for me and give me a good deal!

Living Beyond said...

I love your purse!!! And I love compartments- the more stuff I can cram into a purse the better haha - have a lovely day lady!!!

PS Sheep are my FAVOURITE animals and one of the things I miss most about England!

Donetta said...

Hay Girl. Have your maid go get it for you:) How are you this evening or morning where you are. I hope your well.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
sheep are my favorite animals, so gentle and peaceful and though so tasty.
I often tell Gunnar we should have bought some land and settled down with sheep and hens, a cat and just maybe a dog, if he could be shepclean.(That is sheep trained).
It will not happen. Gunnar loves cars, old ones and new. He's a city boy. I knew it when we married, so I do not complain.
If I were you, I'd go to the marked a take a pic of the purse or whatever I wanted. Then send my maid along to buy.
But I don't have a maid, nor will I get one.
I have considered hiring a cleaning lady two hours a week. I think I get get one for 12 US dollars an hour. I think that would be worth its price.
If we should hire an unskilled man to help us in the garden, that would cost me 70 US dollars an hour. That's out of the question. Our garden requires more work than indoor, and its much funnier.
I like your new purse. I admit having a weakness for purses. Think I've got about 70 stashed around. Big leather ones and tiny silky ones, in all colours, vintage and modern, pirate copies and some genuine posh labels.
I only throw them, when they're totally worn out.
They don't cost that much though, I'm a sucker for good bargains.

As for fashion, I'm not into that at all. Jeans and comfortable jackets the year around. Neither do we spend much on furniture, we like our old worn sofa group. Last time we were changing sofa I had to carry it out in pieces. Serina would not let it go, and hung on to the comfy cushions.

Well, that was lots of chit-chat of worldly kind.
Now I wish you a blessed Christmas celebration in Yesu Garden.
I hope you are well and that your important work will bear fruits now and in the years to come.
From Felisol

Nancy said...

Hi Amrita ! I would love to go para gliding some time. Sounds like so much fun!

Amrita said...

Thank you for your comments frieds
As you can see from my weather button its really nice here. Altho we feel cold.Mama had the electric heater on this evening.

I also have a weakness for purses, many of them are gifts or cheaper ethnic ones.

I am so fond of sheep, i want to have them as pets, but we are afraid for our garden...most of it will be food for them.

Pat if you came shopping here, you have to quote half the asking price. Westerners tend to get ripped off as our exchange rate is so high.My western friends find everything so cheap here.

My maid could not buy the bag for me as she wouldn 't step inside a posh high end store.Its the street markets they are good at.Things like veggies and cheaper stuff.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, please hire me as your cleaning lady and garden help. That is a lot of money, I 'd be a rich woman.LOL