Sunday, 16 December 2007

Fair and Lovely

Some more merchandise from the fair.Handmade shoes from Punjab and metal ornaments from the northern hill tribes.

And my and glass bangles.

A trip down Vanity Fair.

Today I skipped church as I was feeling emotionally stressed. Needed to spend time alone . Didn 't want to pretend to be worshipping when my heart was not in it.

The psalmist prayed"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight"

But at the same time the Lord does not reject "a broken and contrite heart". He forgives us.

Tomorrow is our church 's Christmas dinner at the Parsonage.

For people who might be wondering how I live so close to the church. Our house is right beside the church and very close to the parsonage.In my country its quite common for Christians to build their homes around a church.The church leases land to its parishioners.This began during the British Raj.There are several such Christian communities all over our town some quite large.
I have entitled this post Fair and Lovely which is also a fairness cream extremely popular with brown-shinned Indian ladies.It promises to lighten the complexion thus making the woman more beautiful, attractive and winner on the job and marriage market.But brown, black, yellow, red and white all colors are beautiful.Its the inner beauty which counts.
It would be extremely boring if we all looked alike.Our Creator loves color.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

Ah sounds as though we need a "pick me up"! Close your eyes, clear your mind and imagine nothing...absolutely nothing, okay? A calming and serene mood will be yours. Smile, give thanks and restart what has faltered. Take care my friend.

John Snelson said...

It's a funny old world ... we're all trying to get brown and suntanned - and you lot are all tryimg to get lighter .... as you say, who cares !

In any case, all colours are beautiful - what counts is in the inner soul.

Have you seen "The Phantom of the Opera" ?

Did you see that I have taken up bell ringing at my local church ... this is a harmless, complete waste of time and space - BUT brings a lot of please to a lot of people, not least to me and celebrates some of our most beautiful occasions in beautiful sounds (when I get the action right !).

Roo said...

ahhhh - i have had days like that and have loved my moments alone. hope you had a good time alone! i love those pictures of the shoes. very nice.

shalom my friend. sweet dreams.

Susan Skitt said...

Hope you have a nice church dinner. Just an encouraging word for you. There have been times when I haven't wanted to go and worship too... those have been the times I've needed it the most. Our feelings can be misleading sometimes. It's good to be alone, we all need those reflective moments, but how much better to lift one another up in the Lord and hear the Word of God :)

Love in Christ,
Your friend,

Donetta said...

Good Morning!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Amrita, Lovely market pictures! Aaah, it is too true; many women put their 'faith' in lotions from jars :(
Our Maker makes no preference ... He loves us all.

Gudl said...

You go girl!!

Becky Wolfe said...

Love the photos - so many things to see. A feast for the eyes. I've felt those 'need some ME time' days too. I hope your wandering gave you a pick-me-up and you felt better in your soul!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi dear Amrita,
very well made photo's with a good impressions of the fare, I wonder how the church Xmas dinner was?
Did you like the food and did you meet many people you like?

Hughs JoAnn