Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Good day

Took Mama to visit Aunt Maya and on the way we bought rice, lentils, nuts and raisins for our Christmas cake from a retail shop that gives a good discount. I bought a bottle of sesame oil as they say cooking in that medium keeps you warm in winter, also mustard oil. We use mustard oil a lot. It adds a lot of flavor to the food specially non-veg.

On Dec. 21st is the Muslim festival of Bakri Id when they sacrifice rams and goats in remembrance of Abraham offering Issac to God. But of course they believe it was Ishmael.

My maid will take 2 days off and I must buy chicken and lamb as the meat shops will be closed because most of them are owned by Muslims. The fish mongers are Hindus. Funny eh? you eat and sell meat according to your religion.

The road roller/leveler came around this evening and i negotiated/bargained and settled for a reasonable hiring rate.In India you have to negotiate your price when there are no fixed rates.It takes practice, business acumen, patience and a good deal of psychology to do that.I am learning. You should know the value of the thing you are negotiating for, it should be paisa vasool as we say in Hindi or worth the amount you are paying for it.

Once while shopping in a trendy tourist market in Delhi (Palika Bazar) I spotted a bottle of French perfume. The shopkeeper quoted an exorbitant price.

A closer examination of the bottle revealed that it was fake. So to shake off the pushy salesman I offered a ridiculously low price ( from Rs 1000 to Rs 100) After a few turns the man came down to my price. Then i told him the expensive French perfume could never cost so little so I knew it was fake and the scent would only last 10 minutes.The man was taken aback ,but he couldn 't say anything.

My friend Ginny gifted me a bottle of Poison perfume by Christian Dior, about 15 years ago and I use it very sparingly so it has lasted and still smells divine.

My author friend John Cowart of Rabid Fun, has done a beautiful post on a community Christmas celebration in Jacksonville Florida , do take a moment to read it

There was a time when I thought I couldn 't manage an email and a blog was a deadly computer virus.But friends like John encouraged me and Carol-Ann gave me practical help and instruction.

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Mike said...

I love the cartoon Amrita LOL
This I Do...

Gudl said...

Interesting and funny.
Have a good day!

Louise said...

I'm so glad you mastered the art of email and blogging Amrita.

Donetta said...

Hello, I am so glad that you are good with this skill. Here that happen often the prices are often set. I can however get a discount sometimes if I try.
It is fun.

Mrs. Mac said...

Interesting read today ... and I did visit John's site to read about his community celebrations. I remember reading some of his comments on other people's blogs in the past ... He is very insightful.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Hi Amrita!
Bartering and price wangling is certainly a skill! We never even think to do it in North America! But in Africa you probably wouldn't think of buying in the market without first trying to bring the price down!

By the way -- you've been a great computer student! Just think what we could do with a few hours together sitting at the same desk!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you are having an wonderful time amidst all these beautiful festivals & the was also nice to know that you are dealing with these unscrupulous people selling products at exorbitant prices very well...have a nice time!

nvittal said...

Poison perfume...for 15 years...? Smiles...You are something. Same thing with my sister - she has perfumes that I gave her more than 10 years back!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
I too love Poison. I too have one which I use sparingly. The bottle is now 21 years old and one has to see how I guard it with my life!