Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Last (S) nail in the Door

Thank you for your prayers dear friends.Coping with rapidly declining Aunt Sybil has been hard but because of your prayers and encouragement I am developing load bearing strategies.I have to be patient with myself , first of all ,as I severely lack the qualities of Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry.
Its been raining continually this week too.No sun at all. Brought the temperature down , but the dampness is not welcomed. And although the monsoon brings relief from the heat and drought it has its downside because we have to face problems regarding infrastructure, transport, water logging, monsoon diseases.Pretty good list eh? But Praise God we have been protected.
The rainy season brings a number of guests into our garden, like this little snail.And you know what he 's saying?

Well, that some snail talk.
Two days ago Mama spotted a peacock in the garden. By the time I could get my camera out it flew away into the trees and lost it.
I 've enjoyed reading and commenting on your blogs dear pals and also discovered new ones by westerners travelling in India.

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Donetta said...

Hi Lady, MILove and I are praying for you. She spoke of you yesterday concerned about you. It is a very hard thing that you are doing with A Syble. I hope you stay dry.

Dick said...

Ha Amrita, nice picture I've never seen snails like that over here.

Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Amrita, Thank for your visit. I will be praying for you my sister, it's not easy taking care of loved ones at times, I wish so much my mom could come live with me, but I was told she needs to have alot of care because of several chronic conditions that she has. And being that I too suffer from a Chronic illness makes it harder. I will pray that the Lord will give you more strength, patience, and that he will touch your body and continue to bless you as he already does.

monsoon dreams said...

peacock in the garden?wow!
God comforts us thru friends.and i am sure u have a lot of them,including me:-)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I think you are a rare woman who, despite chronic pains, manages to run a complicated household, taking care of both your Mom and your aunt. All your daily strive and illness and shortage of many basic supplies, such as water and electricity, It's amazing how you are struggling day by day, step by step, with your intelligence, creativity,humor and stubbornness and the help of the Lord pulling you through. You are no A4 woman.
You are faithful and hard working, and very tired.
That's why I have been praying a long why for some help and a vacation for you.
The Lord sure sees your needs and I am now eagerly waiting for him to cone with an answer.
"He shall not be slow to hear, and his arm is not too short to help.

The snail, yiiik. I'm waging a constant war against them. We've got some monsters called Iberia snails. They have no natural enemies in the Norwegian nature, some call them murder snails. They're eating whatever comes in their way, flowers mostly.
One evening I can be picking more than a hundred and put them in a box with salt to die.
I'm sure God did not mean for them to come here, they say the bastards are imported with foreign vegetables and even imported garden soil.

God bless your Sunday, Amrita dear, and make some small wonders in your life.
From Felisol

Simply Shelley said...

Hello dear Amrita, may God bless you on this Lord's day. I am praying for you to be strengthen through God's sure mercies. I have left a prayer request on my blog for a need for my DD. If you come by my blog you can look to the right,under my blog roll and you will see "Strength for my journey". That is my journal ! If you click on it , it should take you right to it.

Blessings, Shelley

Sita said...

I agree with Felisol. I believe that God only gives His most 'able' servants a cup that is hard for most of us to bear. You are one of those. Yet for you to persevere, you will need the support of the Body and oasis moments. I will pray along with Felisol for a 'vacation' for you that includes someone being able to care for your Mom and Sybil.
Your stubborn faith, resilience, sense of humour, depth of compassion, and intelligence moves us all who visit here.
May God's favour fall on you.
Love, Sita

Creative-Type Dad said...

Peacock? I'm impressed! I get pigeons or ducks and they're not nice to look at.

Sheryl said...

Wow, I've just spent some time reading through your blog. Your heart is beautiful. Through your circumstances you still give praise to God!! I will be back to visit again soon.


Anonymous said...

I can understand your feelings at this moment....many of us get depressed in the rainy season, but it also has its own ecstasies...just be patient & you will be stronger than for the shot, simply beautifully captured....lovely!

Anonymous said...

we had a strong typhoon yesterday. quite a number died. =(