Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rain Dance

The weather cooled off this evening with a dust storm followed by rain.Really refreshed the body and soul.
Here is Abner performing a rocking rain dance. They are leaving early tomorrow morning.
The Lord knows we are in need of water. In the neighbouring villages the wells, ponds and canals have dried up.He sent us this respite.

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Sita said...

My sons would love to join in! So glad you got the rain you needed...Thank you, Lord. How are you doing, Amrita? Do take care.
Love, Sita

Donetta said...

Oh fun! It looks like St Elmo's fire on his right hand. It is a cool glow. dose he have a ring on?

Pat said...

Oh Lord send the rain right now...and He did!

monsoon dreams said...

i wanna join him!how i love being in the rain!as a grown up,i cant be dancing,but i have my own ways of getting wet in the monsoon.i roam the city many times in a twowheeler with some friend who is as mad as me,when it rains.or just go to the terrace and get drenched.aaah!i miss being in the rain.

Saija said...

YAY for rain ... i hope it cooled everything down for abit ...

we are still waiting for warmer weather ... it's been around 17C - which i'm sure you would enjoy at the moment!

blessings on you!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hi amrita nice and artistic photo..

thank you for your visit and good wishes, no sky is too high for me, watch my blog, i cannot type long, greetings joann in hospital
my sky is the ceiling haha!

Anonymous said...

& here it is continuously heavily raining for the last few days...with the monsoons setting its slow footsteps....Rians are indeed a fun time for everyone of us & the kids more so...You have captured the shots excellently !

Angie said...

Thank You Lord!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
thanks to the Lord who knows our needs.
I keep on reminding Serina that he even has counted the hairs on our heads.
"He doesn't need to go in such details," she opposed.
He wants to know the small details, and every little change in our lives.
What a mighty and caring Lord.
Those kids were praising the Lord just as they did in Biblical times.
May be we all should become more like children again.
From Felisol

Kimmie said...

Enjoy the come you aren't out there running and playing in the puddles!


mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Shari said...

I'm so glad that you got your rain. what a blessing. How awful that people's wells dried up. I hope the wells are filling up now.

Amrita said...

Hi Donetta I am replying so late. He doesn 't have a ring its a rain drop.