Saturday, 14 June 2008

You Are My Hiding Place

I would like to wish all Dads Specially some great Dads which great blogs

And my BIL Prem
God is our heavenly Father, originator of all feelings of fatherhood.
Whenever I think of a father, I think of a father being a Hiding Place for his children.
I have posted the following song about our Father God being our Hiding Place.

12 Fertilize my soul:

Creative-Type Dad said...

Thank you Amrita, that's very nice of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amrita. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are sincerely appreciated. The song is so comforting, serene and says it all, Amen!

Take care and GOD Bless.

Sita said...

A perfect song for Father's Day...for most people a dad is someone who will hide them from the terror...our security in the storm...and love that violin!..thank you for sharing, Sita

Curious Servant said...


The Father's Day post was welcome today.

I love God, I trust Him... but sometimes I am just plain tired.

I tire of the guilt, and worry and suspicions and the effort it takes to hold my marriage together.

I see God all around me, I see beauty and goodness and I take joy in His creation.

But I tire.

Your little message gave me a little boost.

Thank you.

And thank you for your frequent visits and words of encouragement.

That last post I wrote went also onto Job's Tale and it seems to have struck a chord in folks. Visits to that site have quadrupled since I put it up.

I'm glad you come to the more private blog though. You are someone I feel I can share things with.

I prefer that folks to near where I live don't go there, but otherwise I do not worry too much about brothers and sisters in Christ who can read, pray, and not report to those near where I live. If you know someone who I can help in prayers, and it would be useful for them to contact me, you may share my email with them. And if they wish the can read "The Journey of the Curious Servant" as well.

I know I'm a bit of a strange duck... I'm grateful for folks such as you.

Thank you again for the encouragement.


Saija said...

i was blessed by that video as well ... thank you!

blessings on you this day ... and every day ...

Maisie said...

Oh - I haven't heard that beautiful song in many years. It's very comforting and reminds me that I can go to the Lord anytime for comfort and He will never fail me.

I'll go visit those Dads and wish them a Happy Father's day.

the mother of this lot said...

A lovely song Amrita.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
we are both missing our fathers.
There will always be an empty place that no else can fill.
I celebrate this day in peace, knowing my Dad is waiting for me in Heaven.
That is Huge.
His prayers are still working and will not seize till I am there with him.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

wonderful! happy father's day to all of the dad's on your list. may God bless them more each day.

Prem said...

Dear Amrita,
Thank you for Fathers day greeting.Amrita we remember our fathers who are with the Lord.God our father is a father to the fatherless.Yestarday i spoke on the fatherhood of God and all his fatherly qualities.He is love.Love that was selfless,sacrificial.He does not punish us as we deserve.He forgives us.Most important His heart was tender and compassionate.This is my prayer that we emulate our heavenly father in all ways.To take up that priestly function at home instructing teaching bringing the family in unity ,protecting,providing the shelter that Amrita talked about.This my prayer as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.I THANK God that He has given me the best wife in the world and two children who are the best in the world.I dont want to be a Godfather to them but a Godly father.Invest in your children dear fathers with your time be encouragers .Its not asuprise that Ephesians 6:4 was addressed to Fathers.What a privelage to be a father .Happy Fathers day.

Simply Shelley said...

Dear Amrita, you have much God given wisdom..I am so proud to know you.


If you would like to visit my journal,(Strength for my Journey)you can go to....

Amrita said...

Thankyou friends for your sweet comments.

Dear Prem you really were a hiding place this weekend at the fire incident. Thank God you were safe.But you had to do all the cleaning up I heard. Some prelude to father 's Day.LOL