Monday, 5 January 2009

Burn Out

In the afternoon I suddenly felt
terribly sick -
Vertigo, nausea,headache and extreme weakness.
As a result of this I could not attend my cousin 's wedding.
It came as a huge disappointment to me -
I had been looking forward to it
and Sonia too.
She also did not go without me.

I 've been going through
a lot of stress these past few days -
my aunt 's illness and surgery
church affairs etc.
Today my body called the shots
I rested in the afternoon and now
I am feeling better.
But my head feels heavy.
I need a good rest and sleep.
Tomorrow Sonia, Avi and Abner will leave.
We will miss them.
Their visits add colour and life to our lives.
They will travel by road.
Due to heavy fog ,highway visibility
is very low.
Please pray for their journey safety.
My inability to go the wedding made me very blue
but the Lord is teaching me to accept the ups
and downs of life at the beginning of the new year.
His ways are not my ways.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Sheryl said...

OH, I am so sorry you weren't feeling well. I completely understand the disappointment of not being able to do something you were looking forward to. I also know what the vertigo feels like. Not fun at all. Glad to hear you are some better.

Think you're right - it's time to rest awhile.

Love to you,

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
It just had to come and you know it.
Good that you are listening to the signals from your body and calm down.
The Lord will raise you up in his time.

I have also spent most of the day in bed.
Just up to say goodbye to Serina who left for school this afternoon.
The only thing worse than her leaving, would be if she was too ill to leave.
This vacation has done her good, and I hope and pray that she will be gradually even better.
A long cough from Felisol
Hope it is not contageous.

Sita said...

Father, as Amrita 'rests', I ask that You touch her in a very personal way, that renews her body, soul, and spirit. Let her release her legitimate grief, loss and all unprocessed pent-up emotion that 'activity' has not allowed expression. Be, Lord, her confidante, her satisfaction. Strengthen her for the days ahead. Cover her and all that concerns her with your protection. In the Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Love you, Amrita.

Sara said...

i am so sorry for your disappointment. will be praying for safe journeys and for your strength to return. may you be filled with overflowing. i love you my sister.

Robin said...

evan though you are feeling down you still have a fun sense of humor, love the things you posted today, and he new design.

Terry said...

Dear Amrita.
I am sorry to hear that you are sick. You know every time we go to the doctors office or visit the hospital, Bernie always ends up sick.
I guess that some people's immune systems aren't as good as others are.
Do you have the yearly flu shot in India.
Here in Canada, everybody gets it for free in the fall.
That is too bad about your not being able to go to the wedding.
I hope that your family took a lot of pictures.
It was so thoughtful of Sonia to stay with you.
I will be praying for your mama and auntie still Amrita...Love Terry

Vicki said...

Amrita, dear sister, I'm so sorry for all the stress and strain your body has been under - no wonder you became weak and fatigued. May the Lord restore you with needed rest and encouragement for your soul. Please feel better soon. It's such a disappointment to miss this wedding, but I do hope you'll be able to enjoy many beautiful photos of the precious event. ♥

Praying for you.


Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers friends.I am better. IU amnot doing much out door work. Just what is needed. Went to the funeral of the dean of the Seminary yesterday. Got tired though - as i had to wait for about 2 hours.

Amrita said...

I am not sure about the flu shots Terry.I 'm sure they are available here.

My cousin Rajat and his bride Ruth came to visit us 2 days ago and brought us a large piece of wedding cake.