Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Christmas Wish

Today I have a special
Christmas wish.
I wish for a holiday reunion
with my 3 sisters and their families
in a tourist resort
where all of us
can relax and have fun
and no one would have to do
the cooking and cleaning LOL.
There 's a special kind
of freedom sisters enjoy.
Freedom to share the uttermost
thoughts , to ask a favor,
to show their true feelings.
The freedom to simply
be themselves

My elder sister Anjali with her family

Younger sister Namrita at a
school picnic

With a friend

She was with us last
winter with her 2 sons.
Today is her birthday.

Sonia came with her son and husband
just for 24 hours.
They were on their
way to M P state
to spend Christmas with
an aunt and her family.
Here they are waving goodbye
as their left
for the railway station
to catch a train this afternoon.

I have another Christmas wish and this is for the whole country

I just wish the prices of onions,garlic and vegetable may come down.

In the past one week food prices have sky rocketed and poor and middle class people are really suffering. Onions and garlic which is an essential part of our food is literally bringing tears to our eyes. Its going to be a bland frugal holiday season. They say the situation will remain the same till March. Read more about it HERE and THE PRICE MONSTER

I wish Santa would fill my stocking with onion, garlic and fresh ginger etc. LOL.

13 Fertilize my soul:

Carol-Ann Allen said...

I love this post, Amrita! After spending a little time with Anju and Prem recently, Bruce and I both wished they lived nearby -- homey, happy people! And your comment about "sisters" is so true! A sister is the one person in the world that you can truly be yourself with!

Many blessings to you and your Mom for Christmas!

Kathryn said...

I wish it for you, too, all your wishes.

Are you able to grow some of those things yourself? I keep meaning to try to grow garlic.

I pray you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. The vid in the previous post is precious.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too...wishing you much blessing in the next year...
I think you may be able to grow your own onions, and garlic...they aren't hard to grow...even in pots if your ground isn't good....

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

I wish You many God's blessings, peace in every time of Your life and many happiness!
It is hard to believe, that onion and garlic could have so high prizes. My grandparents have them in their garden - it is very simple to plant onion or garlic, and garlic is also drought resistant, so it could be grown even if by some time there is no rain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amrita, I hope you have a peaceful happy Chrismas. It's too bad about the prices of these cooking essentials. Love in Christ, Sally

Grayquill said...

All reasonable wishes - I hope they all come true - What is life without onions and garlic? No bad breath :)

Gerry said...

My gosh, I can't believe the price of onions and garlic would go so high as to cause such hardship. I don't cook with garlic but could not do without onions. It is tough when simple foods like that cannot be afforded by the poor. How can they live? I really enjoyed the photos of your family. They all look like very nice people who have good hearts. I hope your wish might come true some day!

Anonymous said...

It's (apparently) such a simple wish Amrita, but of course- then it isn't (the second wish, I mean)...

Someday... I wish, all your wishes will come true.

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,

I wish you a Merry Christmas :))

Alas! The poor are starving and really if you think of it, we too are suffering badly with price rise. It does not matter that I do not eat onions mostly, but even if one were to buy three and a half veggies, the price is such as if we are earning in dollars!

In fact yesterday on FB I said to a friend who raised the same question on what will the poor eat, I said, it is time now, we not only give them their salaries, but must share our food and veggies we buy with the poor. How else are they going to manage?

Our maid comes in the morning and does the chores inside the house and also cuts our veggies. I frequently now give half of the veggies to her in raw form. I just feel so guilty to eat a good meal when you know that they will have so little to eat.

Frankly, its getting more and more difficult to live in cities where you may not have your own land to plough and grow your own veggies.

The Lord is our shepherd - I am sure He will take care of us eventually.

Merry Christmas dear Amrita!


Amrita said...

Dear friends, thank you for lending a sympathetic ear to our situation here.

Its not just the onions and garlic, but all veggies, meat, egga etc. Even transport.I can cut down on the onions and garlic, but wha t about the veggies?

We try to use our garden veggies, but everything we don 't grow. We harvested garlic last year and its all gone. Now we have planted this years crop which we will harvest in march/April.

We don 't know how to grow onions. Our last helper use d to grow them, but he is no longer with us. jags doesn 't grow them. Will try to get a part time gardener to help us plan t onions, if its still planting season. It takes 3-4 months fo r them to mature.

There are some very conservative Hindus who don 't eat onions and garlic - they are the happiest i guess.

The poor people are hardest hit.I f its difficult for us, don 't know how theuy ar e surviving.

I am down scaling everything and measuring out and prioritizing everything - cutting coners.Wha t to do. I am posting another linl -today 's paper.

Amrita said...

Dear Carol-An, so sweet of you to say such nice things a bout Prem an d Anju, indeed they are jewels.

Amrita said...

Dear Julia, I have heard of Delhi prices on TV.

I feel so ba d for the poor, every day we also give away vegetables to our helpers an d let them take fire wood to keep warm and cook.

We have various saags (greens) growning so they can take as much as they like. Th e maalis are also so expensive, they charge a lot.

Amrita said...

GQ you know we have garlic pickle here LOL!