Monday, 13 December 2010

Sunday Blessings - Carols By Candlelight

With the advent of Christmas
churches in my city hold special
carol services.
Special choirs from different churches
are invited to present Chritmas music .
The program concludes with the congration
processing out of the church with
lighted candles.
Everyone form a large circle in
the church yard
and there is more music, greetings and
hot tea is served with cake and snacks.
On Sunday I attended
the Seminary 's candlelight service.
I brought back some photos.
Joy to the world

A choir singing in Hindi.
The Principal of the Seminary
told us that 36 cultures and
sub-cultures are represented there.

This choir is consists of singers from
the North Eastern state of Nagaland.
The Naga women wear special tribal
head bands made with bird feathers.
a hundred years ago the Nagas were vicious head hunters.
Now they are heart hunters for Christ.

From the southern most state,
a song in the Tamil language.
These young pastors in the making
are singing in Punjabi.

The Sunday school children
are not to be left behind.
Women students expressing
Advent joy in dance.

This little 2 year old is
fascinated with the dance.
She wants a closer look.
Her grandmother (left) is fondly
known as Julie Auntie.
Julie Auntie was a teacher in my
convent school. She is a
cancer survivor.
She belong to a rich
aristocratic family and
was the town' s beauty queen
in her young age
and the only girl to drive
a large American car
( I forgot the mane).
After finishing post graduation and
B.Ed when I started teaching at the Convent,
Julie Auntie became my colleague.
She invited me to join her coffee circle
during lunch time.
There were about 6 or 7 of us
sharing our packed lunches and coffee together.
Aunt Julie appointed me
to make coffee for everyone
as I was the youngest of the group.
I enjoyed my duty.
Our coffee group had lots of fun times together
meeting in different homes and restaurants.
Those were the days (sigh).
This group is singing of
the Christ child in the
Jharkhand rural tradition
with dancing accompanied with
a drum.

The teachers of the College
singing for us.
A Christmas Qawwali.
This music
has its origins in
the Sufi style of singing.

Everybody gathers outside to sing
by candlelight.

The Seminary Chapel illuminated.

16 Fertilize my soul:

Paresh Palicha said...

Didi, I feel it isn't very early to say Merry X'mas. :-)

Anonymous said...

the photos really touch me...God is so wonderful...

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

Wow, 36 cultures in one choir :) It must be amazing.

monsoon dreams said...

Awesome!!You post has put me in Xmas mood.No singers from kerala? :-(
I love xmas carols,though i have never been part of one.I enjoy watching!

Kathryn said...

How lovely, Amrita.

Thank you for sharing.

Saija said...

how lovely ...

blessings on you!

Crown of Beauty said...

The pictures and the captions are all so pretty and heartwarming.

The seminary chapel all lit up is lovely too.

What a delight it was for me to visit you today, dear Amrita.


Constance said...

As I looked through your photos, this scripture immediately came to my mind!!

"And they sang a new song: "You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation."
Revelation 5:9

Merry Christmas

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends, I so appreciate your kind words.

We have such diversity in our churches people from all over India coming together to worship.

We are not perfect but we are one.

Simply Shelley said...

Love this post and all the pictures...looks like a wonderful time together celebrating the coming of our Lord Jesus....thanks so much for sharing Amrita....I have received much knowledge and wisdom of things mentioned I otherwise may have never known by visiting your blog and your part of the world....for that I am grateful....blessings,Shelley

Nikki (Sarah) said...

reading your blog...seeing these pictures..remind me...we are all the same...and want the same Hugs to you.

Amrita said...

Dear Paresh, people start greeting each other and good wishes before the 25th ...its the joyful anticipation of the great day.

Amrita said...

Friends, a while ago a group of carol singers visited us. They brought such joy and blessing to us. Will post that tomorrow.

Amrita said...

Yes Sarah, what you say is very true.

Nancy said...

Such a blessing to see your post Amrita....God bless you this holy season.

Amrita said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Best wishes to you, your wedding photos are fantastic