Monday, 17 September 2007


61%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Not bad I should say.Blogging has added a lot to my life.But sometimes I feel like a frog in the cyber world as opposed to a frog in a well.Which has resulted in a huge Internet bill which I really can 't afford.Gotta slow down.

A request to my Indian blog readers. Please can you suggest ways to keep the bill down. I subscribe to a BSNL home connection.Does YouTube increase the bill?

Sunday Confessions

Insecurity and an inferiority complex can lead to a mental bloc paranoia, mistrust and unreasonable behaviour, .I 've also indulged in it , but God has set me free from it and I witnessed others going through the pangs yesterday. I had to be a toe stomper and a peace-maker.

Please pray for a situation in church where people are afraid of sharing our campus with the AG church.On Friday Sept 21st we will have business meeting with both church leaders and our lawyer to draw up a lease contract. Pray for the Holy Spirit to rule over the meeting.

I 'm planning to serve sherbet and cake to give a sweet flavour to the summit. Ha...ha...ha.

Thank you friends for telling that Word Verification is really worth the fuss.I am much more patient with it.

A BIG THANK YOU TO DONETTA who nominated me for the You Make me Smile Award.

13 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

oh, you did this test too. thanks for praying for us.

Anonymous said...

i'll be praying.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Hi Amrita,
Have you tried reading the blogs you check frequently using This of course is no good if you are wanting to surf from blog to blog. I don't do that anymore because it was so time-consuming -- maybe one day when I am retired :). But with bloglines you can see at one glance who has updated their blog. Right on that page you can read the blog entry and then if you want to leave a comment you can click from there into the blog to do that. It will cut your search and read time dramatically! Email me if you want help setting it up or clarification.

Becky Wolfe said...

Funny - I loathe Word Verification also. It makes me feel like a total idiot when I mis-type or misread the squiggly letters. I know why its there - it just annoys me...especially if I comment BEFORE I've had a cup of coffee!

I always enjoy reading what you're cooking. Sounds so yummy all the time!

Rebecca said...

I am curious about the AG church...does that mean Assemblies of God or what is that????

Kate said...

Only 61%? That seems totally reasonable to me!

I have discovered that difficult meetings can definitely be sweetened through correct deploymant of snacks! Good luck!

Roo said...

hey amrita -- just catching up on what you are up too! shalom and love, ruthie

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

Your blog is very nice:)

Donetta said...

Good evening Dear Lady, You do bring joy to me and to many others. I'm sorry the expense. I pray another way with means for you. I am so looking forward to each of your posts. I do hope you do not have to stop.
Bring understanding it roots out fear.
Maybe a simple get acquainted type game.
Find common grounds even if it is in a favorite color. Love overcomes.
Discernments may be at hand. Gods will be done. Can you send me your location via my e=mail

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Hey beautiful lady. I love your blogs even though I haven't updated much lately cause I haven't felt so good, but I do always check your blog. I love your blog and pray you can find an effecient and effective way to work on your blog. Love you and God bless!

Anonymous said...

I must say thats quite low, if I compared to mine, which will be staggeringly high...Yeah, any kind of videos does take time to load completely, so it is also behind the increasing internet bills. I think everyday if you are involved in blogging for 1 hour or 2 hours, the bill might not be quite high....
and I simply can't resist the sherbet & the cake. I just have to get one of these now....nice post!

Amrita said...

Yes Rebecca AG stands for Assemblies of God

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita, High internet bill? Do you have not ADSL lines there? No wonder (if not) that yor bill is high, I wouldn't wanna miss you girl!

:) JoAnn