Thursday, 13 September 2007

Making Music

I must share this really funny music story. Years ago when we had our music group and choir, we used to sing in church services and programs.We used to play the guitar, drums, bass,Indian instruments like the tabla, sitar, flute and harmonium.One of our friends (an absent minded psychology student)couldn't sing but just about managed to play the accordion.

S0 for one of our church programmes I asked him to accompany us with his old accordion and I would play the guitar.We practised two or three songs that we had to sing,and I told everybody the sequence we would sing them in.
When our time came we organized ourselves in front and began song number one.After a few seconds I noticed S was playing a completely different tune on his accordion oblivious to what the choir was singing.As discretely as possible I edged up to him and asked him to change to the song we were currently singing. "Oh really" he smiled and nodded his head clearly enjoying the music, but he could not switch to the correct music.He played the wrong song through out much to my chagrin, and nobody could do a thing about it.It seemed the singers drowned out the accordion because the audience appreciated our song.Thank goodness we were not performing on Indian Idol or something!

6 Fertilize my soul:

Kate said...

LOL! He must have been really caught up in the moment!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hahaha just thinking "indian Idols" well ther it sems to be very 'norma'l to sing or play false, but this story is great Amrita!

JoAnn :)

nvittal said...

It’s a strong sign that he should give up music! LOL

Praise and Coffee said...

As someone who has led worship teams for years I can say that is funny!
I've been through lots of "trainwrecks" but never had an accordian play the wrong song!
(Never actually played with an accordian)


Donetta said...

He was in a place of worship all his own.

Rebecca said...

As an old P & W leader that is too you found the grace not to shoot him on the spot is amazing LOL