Wednesday, 19 September 2007

In the Garden

Getting the grass and undergrowth cleaned from our campus is pretty hard work.

I want lay a paved road on our property to make things easier.

Its very hot and humid and a lot of electricity trouble , so I 'm unable to come online for a long period.

Yesterday I made home made garlic bread and vegetable soup which left me rather hot, but it was good.These days we are getting our campus grass and bushes cleaned which is very time consuming and expensive as the jungle over grows during the monsoon.
I think Sheeba is on heat .I just cannot get a bridegroom for her, A suitable boy ( liked that novel by Vikram Seth) And even if she had puppies I wouldn 't be able to part with a single one and make my house go to the dogs.

2 Fertilize my soul:

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita , I am just interested , Is that you on the photo?
It seems to be a busy job wow!

Take care :) JoAn

Amrita said...

Hi JoAnn, no this is not me, She is a grass cutter. These women come around to clean your grass.They feed them to their cattle or sell them to others.