Friday, 28 September 2007

Dog Tales

Sheeba is the one on the right

When we ran out of chicken dog food, Sheeba refused to turn vegan. She fussed about the veggie food I was trying to feed her. It was raining so hard I could not go to the poultry shop to get her chicken.So when I fried fish for us I gave her some boneless fish with bread which she enjoyed and rewarded me by killing a little mouse which was getting on my nerves.I had mine-fielded the house with rat poison but it wasn 't taking the bait.So Sheeba had to do the job.Now I 've got her chicken which I have cut up and prepare for her.There was a time I couldn 't even look at raw meat, let alone handle it, now my dogs have made me a butcher.

Isn 't this fellow cute. He the Hutch/Vodafone mascot. I 'd love him for a pet.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

mee too Amrita, The Hutch doggy is really cute & would surely want to have one like that...the first photo is also very nice & now dogs are refusing veggie food...they are also becoming smarter, but I feel the end result it gave must be satisfactory for you(by killing the mouse)...have a nice weekend!

Kimmie said...

Your dogs are very sweet, I am glad that God has blessed you with them. I find great love in the animals God has sent us, right now I am dropper feeding a baby (kitten 2-3 weeks old, abandoned). As he eats and purrs, I can't help but think of God who created this tiny life and give thanks to him for allowing me to nurture him. It seems silly to some, but as we are awaiting a baby (in adoption) -this little time taking care of something so needy, brings my heart great joy.

blessings to you
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Shari said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.

I've always loved dogs. When I was growing up, a neighbor had a Pug. He was a cute little guy.

Rebecca said...

there is nothing to change your life and the way you go about it than your pets!
Just as long s she stays out of the rat poisen you will be alright!

Donetta said...

Hello, So sweet you butcher for your pup. My two would eat me out of house and home if I made their food. i did one week and man they can go through the rice.

Amrita said...

Yes Rebecca, I have to be very careful with the rat poison. I place it under heavy furniture where Sheeba cannot squeeze in.
Hi Donetta,
Cooking for the dog is quite tedious, but the packed food is very expensive we can only afford it as an extra treat so one has to do the job.

Nancy said...

Your dogs are very sweet looking Amrita... It's amazing the things we do for our pets.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
I love all dogs, one more that the other but your sheeba is a sweet cute doggy, myhughs for her:)

The Hutch /vodafone mascotte is not really my type of dog, my sister is having this (bulldog)one, so I know they are sweet. The only snore a lot/loud while they sleep Hahah:)