Friday, 7 September 2007


My friend JoAnn from Holland has blessed me with the Bloggers Community Award.I am so humbled.You my friends make my day. Thank you JoAnn.

Saw this amazing story on World Evangelism. Its not only encourages people facing physical challenges but also shows the beautiful relationship between father and son

This story wants me want to go on and overcome my disabilities as best I can.Thank you Patrick Hughes and Dad.

Feeling a sense of loss at the death of Luciano Pavarotti. A legend he was.
Yesterday 's time at the district court was uneventful as the opposite party had to do all the work. We just discussed things with our lawyer. When the lights went out I borrowed a bamboo hand fan and fanned all the grey haired legals in the small office as it was so hot and humid.No Boston Legal or l.A. Law place this was.

On the way home I visited a family living in a financially tight situation because the young husband and wife won 't work. they are living off her retired, widowed mother 's pension.They are irresponsible sloths, they both are academically challenged but they can do blue collared jobs, which we have tried to provide for them, but won 't make a start. They have two small children who go to elementary school. I feel so bad for them.The man and wife treat the old lady very badly and abuse her, she is so helpless she can 't do a thing about it. We help her in whatever way we can. We provided refuge and medical help etc. to her. I took her some clothes and cookies for the children.

A short while ago the Pastors of the AG church visited us, they want to rent out church hall for their services.They are very good people and we hope we can work out the details with them.

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Pijush said...

The Video is really inspiring and motivating. Thanks for sharing Amrita, have a nice weekend.

nvittal said...

Congratulations! You fully deserve the award!

The story of the family reminds me of an uncle of mine. He wasn’t abusing anyone – but he was too lazy and never bothered to take care of his farmland. His family had to pay a heavy price for his laziness.

Oh, well...!!

Kate said...

Amrita, I love your fun new counters that show where your readers are from. Can you please tell me how you put them in?

Donetta said...

I really am grateful for the sweet perspective to have a right mind and to overcome. Yes! to overcome and see the wonders of ass that each one has to offer. Your challenges are huge I know that you are an amazing woman with a vibrant spirit. You are a positive part of my day.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your award, I love reading your blog.....
the people you visited sound like folk in England so do not feel out of the loop at all!!!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Dear Amrita,
You're so very welcome by the award! Iwas thriillidde to give you one, you derserve it!!

Always when I visit your blog its such a joy, you are alwys making something special, with tories illustrated , so informative,.

You are a sweet woman you really are! That proofs the story you were telling this Friday.

Your blessed Amrita ! :) JoAnn

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

sorry for the mistakes I saw them later :) JoAnn

Donetta said...

I see there was a typo . oops . Yes I saw this and that is why I sent my readers over to your site. I think it is so amazing. You had given your consent to post the "Grace" video. I did not want to assume to post this one too. It sure is amazing!

Becky Wolfe said...

You certainly have a merciful heart and bless many with it! I too was sad at Pavarotti's passing. What an amazing voice he had!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amrita, missed your last few posts as I was out of station in the last week.
I think all the posts has been exceptional in my absence and all of them needs special mention. They have all somehow touched my heart...from the current one to Mother Teresa to Teachers Day to the 'Henna post'(with some Excellent shots and wonderful videos), I think they have all been exceptional to say the least. Maybe I would have done similar posts on the occasions but for time, but I think going through your posts has pleased me a lot....keep going and all the best in the wonderful work you are doing!

Mansi said...

wow, u've got a nice inspirational blog here..really appreciate th effort and your hard work!! its great to come across such posts to revitalise the good inside u:)

Thanks for doing that!