Friday, 14 September 2007

Tell Me Why?

Please tell me why there are WORD VERIFICATION options on some blogs? They slow me down and frustrate me at times. I feel like one of Miss Jane Goodall 's pets.

Are they meant to check our IQ levels, or alphabet recognition skills ?I remember my Kindergarten teacher, a formidable Anglo-Indian lady called Miss Hogg (straight out of the movie Matilda, no just kidding). The Hoggs lived near our house and they had a real tiger skin displayed in their living room.We had a deer trophy in our living room, but the moths got it.My Dad was a hunter. I have his gun, it actually belongs to my grandfather who killed a lion with it. Its a story I have to tell.

Anyway to get back to my query.What is the purpose behind WV?They stress my out.Really. Like some aliens from MIB expecting me to know their language or crack their code.They are not even words to us, so why verify them.

The meeting with the AG church pastors did not turn out very good as some people were quite harsh with them. But they answered all their questions very graciously. I support the AG church and will do my best to accommodate them. Please pray for this. I know God will bless us through them. is not smooth, lots of conflict bumps in the road.Please pray.

Today the fasting for the month of Ramzan (Ramadan)commenced.It was the first fast for our Muslim maid , Khairoon. She is an old widow lady, slow and not very bright, but very faithful loyal and honest, some what like Jeeves that 's her real asset.I offered to make her a pre-dawn breakfast but she declined as she had brought her food (she sleeps in Aunt S 's room). But for the breaking of her fast I made vadas (lentil patties) and tea.She will not keep the 40 day fast,but only the 5 day fast, symbolic I guess.

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Pat said...

I'm so happy I stopped by today - your post made me laugh out loud and that's a wonderful feeling. I agree with the comments about word verification. It drives me crazy, especially when I have to do it twice from not being able to read it the first time.
You made a comment on my blog about the crocks my brother bought for my mother. You can go to if you want to look them up...they are the most comfortable shoes in the world, but not if your 85 years old!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

:) You know I can't resist a techy question, Amrita! Word verification is simply to prove that you are a human being typing a comment and not a program spitting out advertising or obscenities. At this point it seems the programs are not smart enough to see patterns and interpret them into regular keystrokes. Sometimes I think the double verification is just a part of it! I have carefully typed the first one correctly and still it refuses it! If you ever get abusive and nasty comments, it is a good feature to enable on your blog! It does deal with the problem.

Praise and Coffee said...

I pray things go smoother!

Kate said...

Well, I'm glad Carol-Ann had an explanation, because I wondered the same thing. It drives me bananas!

Donetta said...

I use WV to protect myself from spamers who take over your site for ill purpose. It is a personal safeguard.
Mice to hear from you this morning. I am sorry I was unable to get back to you. My days have been full.
The tea party lady and the one I spoke of hope on are two different individuals. It is epidemic.
My beloved so longs and desires to try to find the air strip out side of Kalcutta that his father was stationed at. Beloved told me to ask for your location. He can find you through satilite and I could actually see your church if there is an image up. If you want to do this privately my e-mail is That way it would not be publicized on your blog.
He has a dream of going there to explore some day. I would love to help him in that I am not sure how God could make that happen, God's ways are so much higher than mine.
I hope and pray for peace in your region.. That you might resist all the temptations around you. Peace be with you.

Dick said...

Yes I have to do it two times before it works, but it is a spam security.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

About word verifications "only that word make me struggle" is so check our patience haha!

Hope you are doing well;)

JoAnn greetings

Anonymous said...

i never understood the purpose of WV at first but then i realized from my own experience that there are some who just spread spams all around blogs. WV serves as some sort of a spam security.

Rebecca said...

I used to love the Ramadan season in Kenya for then out on the streets when the fast was broken there was all sorts of magic...Cassava chips fried up and served with chilli powder and som wonderful Indian treats...I think my favourite was some kind of little doughnut with onilns in it that we used to dip is some sauce..I have no idea what the name of that was but it was delicious.....the vendors used to line the streets in Mombassa - which was not the norm...just for Ramada.....amazing memories you conjour up!!!!

Roo said...

you have become the blogging award queen!! congratulations on another award! :) shalom my friend...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it also just annoys me like anything and I have seen even after word verification there are a lot of spams, so I feel its useless...and our prayers will always be there for smooth road in your life ahead...Cheers!