Monday, 3 December 2007

Hitching Post

Here are the wedding photos I took last week of a relative 's wedding reception. the ceremony took place at the All Saint 's Cathedral, but I was unable to go there.The reception which includes serving of o 'derv's and the wedding cake is followed by coffee and starters like soup and snacks - Chinese and Indian , rounded up with dinner.

The reception hall is constructed with wood, bamboo, metal, cloth, glass etc.

There are lights all over.And music and fireworks.Some people have live bands, DJs and performing artists.

There are many such sites all over town, several near our home.Hotels also host

wedding ceremonies and can choose what your pocket can allow.Weddings have become an occasion for people to flaunt their wealth.

The wedding cake consisted of 16 tiers. It was really unique.

My sisters 's was seven tiers.The bridegroom pays for the cake. Its a rich dark fruit cake with marzipan icing and decoration.The baker our family uses is the best. Actually my sister 's was the first real wedding cake he made about 23 years ago. We gave him our recipe which he now uses. he also constructed a special cake oven for us. Now the senior baker (Muslim) is dead , his sons are carrying on.He was nicknamed Bushy by the Anglo Indian community because of his beard.His cakes are exported all over India.
Here you can see his son Akhtar dismantling the cake.

The bride usually wears a silk embroidered Saree with a veil and bouquet for the church ceremony. Some girls choose western wedding gowns.Then for the dinner they change into traditional Indian clothes. Very decorative sarees, or lenhga (long skirt) which this girl is wearing.And of course lots of jewellery.
About 1000 guests were present.In India you invite family, friends, neighbours, business associates, acquaintances, servants and families... your doctor...the milk man the list is endless.
My aunt whose son got married is a widow but she could carry off a lavish wedding.Some weddings are really ostentatious.
I am feeling better now. Missed the first Christmas Carol service last night.Now I am going to make some Kosher pizza...modified of course. You can get the recipe from Its my favourite food blog.

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Web-OJ said...

What a cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise and Coffee said...

That is so beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us!

Dick said...

Very nice photos and what a larg cake!!!!!!!!!!

TMM said...

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Amrita said...

Wonderful Sidharth, I will read your testimony.I read healing stories to make my faith grow. Praise God.God bless you.

Aura said...

Wow!!Beautiful photos Amrita!

Made me wonder how os the wedding reception of the less fortunate, although i know that parents usually save and prepare for their childs wedding.

Thanks for droping by my blog and i hope you well.

Becky Wolfe said...

Wow, what a wedding! That cake - gasp - 16 layers! How insane & amazing at the same time!

What gorgeous costumes & attire! The colors & fabrics are just breathtaking!

thanks for sharing!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi My dear Amrita,
You did a very ood job by making this photo's your relatives might be proud of you!
-Is a cake always that high? I counted 17 different cakes...
-What is the meaning of this many cakes? ( we have 3 to 5 cakes)
-I saw that the bride has tattoos on her hands, is that usual for every bride?

I saw the fantastic lighning elephant, what a spectacle this is.

Thank you!!! Amrita for showing this photo's to us/me!!

I showed again 'more' photo's from Paris but ou might have visited my blog again.

Amrita said...

Aura and JoAnn, I tried to answer your questions.

Louise said...

Such a beautiful wedding. The bride is lovely and I've never seen a cake like this one ... lovely.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, absolutely lovely! A special day and, without doubt, one never to be forgotten.Thank you for sharing it with us. Take care and God Bless you my friend.