Saturday, 20 December 2008


Since the past 2 days my Internet connection
had been disrupted. Its all over India I was informed.
Some undersea cables have snapped.
It took me close to 2 hours to get the pictures of
this post uploaded. I was doing
other things while keeping an eye
on the computer.
Well, God certainly has a sense of humor and He fulfils the
desires of our hearts in
surprising ways.
This week I was feeling the seasonal blues as
everyone I know seemed to be
going out for parties and celebrations.
I was bordering on self pity by Thursday afternoon
when the phone rang and I received
an invitation to the closing dinner
of the Bible College.
That really perked me up -
just meeting people and hanging around a large group of folks
most of them I don 't know personally.
Yesterday I went to a Bible Institute
for a Christmas worship service and dinner.
Above is a photo of the decorated
meeting hall.
A group of African students
(they are university students)
sang very lively songs in Swahili,
the Zambian language, English and Hindi.

Aunties who gave me a ride in their
car. They are my church members.

All these ladies are my mother 's friends.
The lady in the centre is the oldest member
of her church.Everyone calls her Mama
and gives her a lot of love and respect.
The Bible Institute decorated with Christmas lights.
Its not too cold for me, but my Mom
was feeling very cold
so we lit a charcoal fire for her
Later on the turned on the electric heater.
We don 't have central heating in our homes.
Hope you all are keeping warm.

10 Fertilize my soul:

Maria Stahl said...

Looks like a lovely party!

The undersea cables - was it the recent earthquakes that did that? How on earth does one fix something like that, I wonder!?

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I see you only have 14 + Celsius degrees. Well, that's summer temperature in Norway, but understandably that your Mom feels a bit cold.
Before you cry he will answer, the Bible said.
Good for you that this invitation came.
Even when one is occupied the hole day, one need some social contacts as well.
I read Raven's post earlier this evening.
She said she finished every day by thanking the Lord for his blessings, naming them by name.
I will try to follow her example.
Guess my prayers are a lot about my and other people's needs, not so much about thanking.

Today I will thank for my Indian friend, Amrita.
From Felisol

Rebecca said...

that coal is the kind that you can roast chestnuts one I know does that here and i is something that I miss from the UK where you can buy them from a vendor on the streets at this time of the year.

Saija said...

i heard about that big cable in the ocean that had damaged ... i guess it may need more than tape, eh ... :o( ...

loved the pictures ... looks like another good meeting ...

and i hope your mom stays warm ... it can be cold without central heat ...

blessings on you!!!

Amrita said...

It seems they have fixed the problem with the cables,my Internet conection has improved quite a bit.

John Cowart said...

Glad you got back on-line and that you were invited to the affair at the Bible Institute to be among friends.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi dear Amrita,so glad you were invited out to celebrate Christs' birth with other believers.The decorations are so awesome. Some one put a lot of love and time into that. It is cold here today. I do not have central heaating as well. Just an old fashion space heater to back up to and warm. It serves us well.I love the look of your blog,and your header is so pretty.
Wishing you a blessed week of "Christmas blessings" ahead.

Joy to you,Shelley

Sara said...

Glad you are back, we need you! What a beautiful evening you had! Love to your family and friends.

Sita said...

So glad God gave you a 'gift' of fellowship so you don't feel isolated. Looked like a beautiful fellowship. My camera got ruined this summer so I wish I could capture what Toronto looks like right now. We have been walloped with snow and a new storm is rolling in on Tuesday night--so it is definitely a white Christmas!

Our friends in Mussoorie have returned home for Christmas and the girls dressed in saris for the youth banquet. So pretty.

I did not know you lived in an area that got so cold. Pray you all keep warm and toasty. God bless you. Love to Mom.
With love, thoughts and prayers and gratitude for your 'fellowship' with me,

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
Missed this one it seems. Its cold in Delhi too. The Lord has set me free from work from Jan 1st 2009. I am free to go do what I like in the midst of doing His work too. I have many plans and have put it all to Him. He will decide which ones and I will follow.

I am going to be out of touch for long Amrita, after 27th December. I will miss you and your blog - the Living Light blog as I call it.
Am moving to Kolkata and will be there for a while and so until I have set up my stuff, comp et al, I will not be visiting...

Merry Christmas Amrita to you and you Mum and have a really happy New Year!