Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Red Tuesday

These lilies bloomed out of season
just so I could post a picture
on my Red Tuesday Theme

Red Coxcombs.
I remember these were the favourite flowers
of a character in the soap opera Santa Barbara which urban India
watched years ago as if its life depended on it.

14 Fertilize my soul:

Sheryl said...

beautiful! and funny remark about the soap opera, ha.

love to you,

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous flowers, Amrita! I love your "Red Tuesday" posts!

Julia Dutta said...

Red Amrita!


Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers in your RT blog post.

I'm devastated by the news that has been dominating the headlines of the tragedy in India. Thank you for keeping your readers informed. My prayers go out for the loss of life, the wound to your country, and the desperate situation that led to the terrorists awful actions.

Julia Dutta said...

Do please visit my post again...I have put a heart rendering picture there, I would like you to see

Robin said...


Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
the Lilies are beautiful. I guess they are called Amaryllis. They only grow indoors in Norway.
o am still fascinated by your expression "winter roses", that is so exotic.
I know nothing about Coxcombs or Santa Barbara. That is until now.
Beautiful flowers.

From Felisol

Anonymous said...

love the first photo. it's so beautiful.

The Dementia Nurse said...

Amrita, these are beautiful! We turn to the news and see the mess man has created - thank you for a sweet slice of what God has created. It reminds me of the beauty He has in store for those who persevere in the faith. Thanks for the chuckle about Santa Barbara!!!!!

Pat said...

Such beautiful flowers...nothing blooming in my neighborhood, I guess I'll have to wait till next spring, or enjoy the beauty of yours!

Donetta said...

Wow so pretty! How wonderful a treat to see such an amazing coxcomb. I have never witnessed such a huge one.

monsoon dreams said...

hi dear,
beautiful flowers!
hope u r doing fine.i'm still travelling 8 hours a day to work.came a lil early today.

Nina in Portugal said...

Red is my favorite color! They are beautiful!

Saija said...

the colours are WONDERFUL!