Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday Blessings Circle of Light

This evening I went to a multicultural

Christmas program at the Seminary.

It a microcosm of India.

There are students from 25 Indian states speaking various languages split into 32 dialects the Principal told us.

Choir from Nagaland

Rev B R delivering the message.

We know him from the late 70s when he was

the speaker at our summer camp.

Rev and Mrs R after singing in a Hindi choir.

After retiring they live in Canada.

It was good talking with Mrs R

about friends and old times.

Sunday school children

These students are singing a qawwali.

This genre of music is from the Islamic style or tradition.

It has been adapted to Christian music.

These girls are doing a

choreographed number to a Micheal W. Smith song.

East meets west here.

After the service we all stood outside in a circle
of light with our candles.
Bible verses were read.
Songs were sung.Greetings were exchanged

and a great cry of victory

for Jesus Christ was raised

in the moonlit night.

On the 3rd Advent Sunday

I have chosen Infant Holy Infant Lowly .

Infant holy, infant lowly, For His bed a cattle stall; Oxen lowing, little knowing Christ, the babe, is Lord of all. Swift are winging, angels singing, Noels ringing, tidings bringing: Christ the babe is Lord of all. Flocks were sleeping, shepherds keeping Vigil till the morning new Saw the glory, heard the story, Tidings of a gospel true. Thus rejoicing, free from sorrow, Praises voicing greet the morrow: Christ the babe was born for you.

8 Fertilize my soul:

Donetta said...

What a wonderful worship time for all of you.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
so strong,so dignified, so moving.
Thank you for bringing hymns fro Bethlehem and India into my home.
From Felisl

Kostas said...

Hi Amrita
Amazing post, with marvellous pictures, a lot of colours, smiley persons and hope for one better tomorrow!

Angie said...

Such a sweet celebration. Thank you for sharing. Do you know I've never heard that song in the video? Just beautiful.

Kate said...

Ahhh! I'm so happy to be able to visit your blog! I love the new color sceme (although you might have done it weeks ago and I didn't know cause I couldn't visit). I got lucky today and came in time to see this HUGE, beautiful service.

Simply Shelley said...

Hi dear Amrita,looks like this was a blessed celebration time for all..thanks so much for sharing this beautiful post.
Have a blessed week,Shelley

Simply Shelley said...

Oh yes, I meant to say...I love the new look of your blog!

Robin said...

I am smiling-what a blessing.
You are a sweet blessing to everyone you minister to amrita- may God richly bless you!