Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunday Blessings - Remember Orissa

Hindu fundamentalist groups issued a warning to the Government that if by Dec 15th the murderers of their leader are not arrested they would strike back at Christians in Orissa on Christmas Day.

On Dec 15th the Hindu organization's ultimatum to the government expired . Their demands have not been met: even though the police have detained two more people for questioning in connection with the murder of a Hindu leader on August 23, no one has been actually charged with the murder. The stage is now set for them to carry out their threat to force everything in Orissa to close on Christmas Day. Since Christmas is already a holiday, they are expected to march out against anyone celebrating Christmas.They are likely to turn violent.
In the mean time the Maoist (communists) who have already claimed to have killed the Hindu priest, have sent a threat letter to another important Hindu leader in Orissa - the Shankarachariya of Puri.
Christians in Orissa and everywhere else are in grave danger.
Prayers are needed.
I am writing with a rather heavy heart .
Today after church a strife like situation developed in a business meeting.In a leadership position you cannot be a people pleaser , sometimes you have to say "No" which leads to someone trying to step on your face.It involved me and a husband and wife. I explained my position and the husband took it very decently but the wife was very hostile.She has been that like since several days.
My Mom and I were deeply affected by this.In the evening the Lord sent a lovely Christian family to cheer us up and we had a long talk with my sister and BIL ending with a prayer time over the Internet which comforted us. Please pray for us.My mother is feeling very low and depressed and I am having occasional anxiety attacks....the devil 's fiery darts.
Also a man who did some building work for the church presented us with a unfair extra bill after we paid him. He is a vicious man and could be of formidable danger to us.
Goliath has reared his ugly head.Prayers are needed.
My chosen advent song for this Sunday is The Friendly Beasts

15 Fertilize my soul:

Maria Stahl said...

Dear Amrita,

Thank you for the lovely song. Lil Miss A sang along with the video because she knows this one well; they sang at her school concert last week.

So sorry for the troubles there within the Body of Christ and without. You are right: Fiery darts. I used always to notice extra attacks right before Easter/Passover every spring; I now see them every year before Christmas as well. If there is any way the Adversary can destroy our joy, he will do it. I will pray for a hedge about you and the other Christians in India, that peace will prevail, and that Satan will be defeated once again.

Blessings on you, sister.

Sheryl said...

satan is attacking because he knows the threat!! i pray God's protective hand upon India. so sorry for the trouble you are experiencing personally. praying that you will be blessed this Christmas. with love to you!

Sita said...

Jesus, Prince of Peace, I pray that You come in mighty power and neutralize the fiery darts meant to maim and destroy. Let Your peace descend on Amrita's and her Mom's hearts. Cover them with Your protection. Thwart the schemes of the evil one with your holy angels. Release an army of angels to do mighty warfare in Orissa and may peace and protection cover those in danger. Let the perpetrators of the murder be found and charged so that Satan cannot use this as an excuse to attack your children.
In the mighty Name of Jesus, I pray,

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I realize I must be praying more than ever.
Thank you for calling out when in need.
We have strong promises about our Lord's protection.
From Felisol

The Dementia Nurse said...

Amrita, my heart breaks for you and for your mother - few things can cut as deeply as dissension within the body of Christ. I pray this woman's heart will be softened and that the believers in Orissa will be kept safe from harm. Love to you, my beautiful sister!

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
Hugs! To you and your Mum. In fact bear hugs that can take the anxiety away and the low.

Being a leader is not easy. What is important is to remember is that you are doing God's work and you are doing it with full commitment. He creates the agitation, He will wipe it out. Therefore, JOY to you!
Julia :)))

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Yes Amrita, take heart..greater is He who is within us ..He will protect you and your mom from all harm.He will never leave you or forsake you..fear no evil as God is with you,His rod and staff will comfort you..Love Janet

Vicki said...

Bringing you a hug, Amrita, and greetings in the name of our Lord...

May no weapon formed against you prosper; may Jesus IN you rise up mighty & strong giving you peace and assurance of His sweet presence; may He give His angels charge over you and your family and protect you with His righteous right hand. We love you, Amrita, and pray the Lord's strength, peace, and provision for you and your mother in these difficult times. Lord Jesus, we ask You to buffet every dart of the enemy and silence the voice of fear...comfort your saint, for greater are You in Amrita, than he who is in the world and behind these attacks.

His grace to you today. His enablement be yours, now and always. So thankful for you, my dear sister, and will not stop praying. Your testimony of faith encourages us the rest of us.

Louise said...

I ask our gracious Father in heaven to meet each need and to calm each anxiety. I ask Him to shield and protect you, your Mother and your precious church family. May dissention cease and be seen for what it is...the enemy's hand at work in the Body of Christ.

Jan said...

In Mexico we have spoken w/ Dad for all in India, focused on orissa. We will keep on!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best this Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God bless you and your family! ♥

Natalie said...


Brit. (lille meg) said...

Me too will pray for you, your mother and the rest of your family.
I can't say so much, but God sees everything, and he is able to help.
Thank you for sharing this.
I just want to wish you a blessed Christmas! Thank you for blogging felloowship.

Renae said...

Amrita, as a pastor's wife, I know the stress you are speaking of all too well. My prayers are with you. Remember His peace - it is a promise.

Love and prayers,

Amrita said...

The Lord is a very present help and i have written about it tonight.

A special welcome to Jan from Mexico. Your blog is very interesting. May the Lord bless you as you labour in the harvest field.