Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Golden Day

If my Dad was alive it would have been my parents
50th - (Golden )Wedding Anniversary.
They were married on 24 Dec 1958
in my church.
We have preserved the wedding invitation.

The above photo was taken on Christmas Day 1978
It was a very nostalgic day
for Mama and me.
If things were different we would have had
a large family get-together and celebration.
Here they are with their beloved
grandchildren Ashish andMahima
about 8 years ago.
It was a cold January day
and they are warming themselves
with a charcoal fire
Thank you for praying for the difficult situation we were
facing. The Lord is gracious to us.
The couple involved came to us
and invited Mother and me for Christmas lunch
and they spoke very lovingly.
We were not surprised because they are God 's children -
and He answers our prayers.
This made our day golden.
God bless your Christmas with peace and joy.

17 Fertilize my soul:

Terry said...

Dear Amrita
This is so beautiful!
Oh! to be married the day before Christmas!
How romantic could THAT be?
It must bring sad memories back to Mama though as she thinks back and is now without your dear Dad!
I surely do hope that you and she have a happy Christmas Amrita..
Thanks so much for the lovely card.
Bernie loves it so much and we have a special place for it, so we can look at it any time to admire it and to think of the sweet lady and her Mama that sent it to us.
After Christmas season, it will be hung it on our Wall right beside Bernie's and my wedding picture
Thanks ..Love Terry

Robin said...

Yes, beautiful.
hugs to you Amrita.
You are an angel bringing us the story of how God is touhing your life there in India.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Special greetings to your Mom, Amrita! What a dashing young couple they were!

Sara said...

how beautiful, thank you for sharing this anniversary with us. my prayers are with you and Mama. merry christmas and much love to you my sister.

Donetta said...

Good to hear from you, Your parents are blessed to have such a loving family. I love to think of those who have passed on as standing at the right hand of Our Father interceding for us both day and night.
Tell Mother, Blessed anniversary for I celebrate her in her 50th , he is still with her in his intercessions. Just not in our visual presence. They are still a union.
I am glad you are safe. How is it that the writers crucible is launching your note? Have you become a member or did you get out of I. (country)
This is a full morning . I fixed the family a pancake and orange juice meal.

Jeanette said...

What a lovely post to read today! Your parents made such a handsome couple! I think you look a lot like your mom, Amrita, and beautiful just like she is!

And such a wonderful answer to prayers for the situation you were having. How good God is!

Blessings to you and your mom and family and your many, many friends this Christmas!

Vicki said...

What a beautiful photo to preserve the memory of your parents together. Praying for your mother on this special day as I'm sure she misses your father. Amrita, you are a delight to know - thanks for sharing both your burdens and your joys. Praising God for the answer to your prayer, and for your faithfulness to Him because of His grace...will continue to lift you before the throne of Grace with the joy of knowing you as my sister in Christ.

Christmas joy to you! His love is amazing...


Pat said...

Merry Christmas to you my sweet sister in the Lord, and to your Mother. The picture of your parents is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.

Saija said...

i hope the day was filled with memories that were sweet and helped keep the sadness at bay ...

Merry Christmas too ... and we pray that the new year brings happy surprises!

Sita said...

Christmas always invites nostalgia and when you have milestone events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries and even deaths near it, it is doubly so.
Amrita, may God's grace fall like a warm fleece blanket over you and your Mom and all that concerns you today. So glad to see answers to prayer as well.
Love you,

agoodlistener said...

Merry Christmas, Amrita!

I am glad that situation was resolved for you. There are lots of reasons to celebrate this season and God's goodness to us is the best. See you on John's blog soon.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
This post touches one's heart. It is very nostalgic and touching indeed. God's ways are mysterious and always replete with surprises and blessings. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones my friend. God bless you always.

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
He who creates the problems, solves it too! I am so happy things have all got ironed out and you were at Christmas lunch with the couple. Praise the Lord.

Lovely pictures there Amrita and what a handsome couple, your parents made.

I am going to be away for a while now Amrita. I wish you and your family, a Happy New Year and lots of joy, good health and cheer in the new year.

With lots of love and hugs,
Julia :)))

donna said...

Merry Christmas Amrita to you and all your loved ones!!!


Brit. (lille meg) said...

A beautiful couple!
My parents get married in 1946, my farher passed away 24 years ago.

Amrita said...

Thank you my beautiful friends for your comments. How precious they are to my Mom and me.

They look so good in that photo. Its true their marriage covenent was an everlasting one, even though they are separated by time and space and there is no marriage in heaven. Awesome thought.That 's why the Holy Spirit uses marriage to describe Christ 's relationship with the church.

Donetta ,I blog at Pilgrim Pals too (see side-bar) and use THE WRITERS CRUCIBLE identity for that.

Amrita said...

I want to welcome
agoodlistener and
byhisgracealone to my blog.
Thank you dear friends for dropping by and commenting.