Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday Blessings

Yesterday I went to a shopping Mall to
buy groceries and a present
for my cousin 's January 5th wedding
I bought these nice stainless steel cups and saucers -
they are quite in vogue here.
Walking around window shopping. I saw a lovely
black patent leather hand bag - Chinese made -
just the kind I fancied - cost about $10 after discount I asked for a further discount, but was refused -
so I self - denied it
Shopping is a good
practice in self denial and control.
When I dug into my purse to pay the check-out girl
I found my wallet missing..
The ground from under my feet slipped
clouds of darkness swirled in front of my eyes
an elephant stomped on my lungs and I felt
like I was scuba diving in slow motion
in the depths of the Arabian Sea.
I thought someone had pick-pocketed me.
This was my personal
I had bought a few things at another store
and before entering the mall deposited my
bag at the baggage counter - people are not
allowed to carry anything except their purses into the
the shopping area for security reasons.
I explained my position to the cashier and
she was very concerned and said she would hold my things while I
went and checked my other bag.
I ran to the baggage counter breathing fervent prayers
to My Eternal Rescuer
There I found my wallet with all the cash in tact inside my other bag.
I nearly collapsed to the floor with relief.
Everyone at the cash counter
was also relieved when
I told them I had found my wallet.

This might be my misjudgement or forgetfulness
but it could have been worse and I praise God
for being my "very present help".

14 Fertilize my soul:

Jeanette said...

Amrita, I actually laughed out loud at your description of your shopping trip! (Not sure what hubby thought!) That same elephant has stomped on my lungs when I have misplaced my wallet before! I wonder what he is doing over in India stomping on your lungs too?? I think we should put him back in the zoo where he belongs!

Thank God that He cares about our troubles and looks after us even when it is our own mistake!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Poor girl.
I actually was robbed a few years ago on the London Subway.
Five hiker ladies made a trip over the North Sea and were headed out for a restaurant when the trains stood still and all went dark.
We were a bit frightened and not on guard. The pickpockets were.
On the restaurant I became aware that my purse was gone.
Called Gunnar and made him stop my credit cards e.t.c.
Prayed a lot, like you, Amrita, but I did not find my purse.
Next day up to Police Station to report the incident.. and got the money back on travel insurance.
My friends had to help me out for the rest of the days in London though.
Well, I do know that elephant feeling, yes.
Glad that the Lord watched over you.
I believe in praying under all circumstances.
From Felisol

Donetta said...

I am so glad they did not sneak a look into that bag stored . He did keep your means met.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Very cute template, Amrita! It's interesting to see the different things you do to your blog! This one really catches my eye!

I am SO glad you found your wallet!

Kimmie said...

Yea!! Glad you found it...that's MY GOD...coming to your rescue!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Hello! First time to your blog. I'm glad you found your wallet! There is nothing like the fear you feel when you think you have lost (or had stolen) your wallet.

Sara said...

i'm glad you got that elephant off your lungs! the Lord is an ever present help, isn't he? and i LOVE those cups and saucers, i've never seen anything like that here.

The Dementia Nurse said...

"Scuba diving in slow motion" - that's hilarious in that laugh of recognition way! I'm so glad you found your wallet and that God kept it safe in the meantime. Love you!

Saija said...

yikes ... i know that feeling when you think something awful has happened - and the relief when it hadn't ...

i know there is a spiritual lesson in there somewhere ...

glad your wallet was there!!!!

Kostas said...

Great post!
I wish you for New Year 2009 it gives peace, health, chance and happiness!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I have not congratulated you on your new self-portrait.
You are just beautiful.
Those eyes are both attractive and very wise.
Bless you.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

My dear friends thank you for your kind comments.

I was relly overjoyed and relieved to see my wallrt.People do get robbed in crowded places like malls and hospitals etc.
I would have 2 weeks grocery money.

Hi Shelly, I want to welcome you to my blog.New Brunswick is very cold I know.

Amrita said...

Hi Sara, stainless steel kitchenware is very popular in India.

Terry said...

Dear Amrita,
That was some scary experience. Remember a while back that Little Pilgrim Pal's mom's wallet had been lost or stolen and LP wrote to the Pals so we could pray and she DID find her wallet and even though thieves had taken her money, all of her important papers were intact?
The Lord surely does look after us!.Love Terry