Friday, 5 December 2008


My friend MARIA sent me a packet of active
dried yeast.
With that I was able to make
Pita breadand pizzas
I made the topping with
red onions
garlic and herbs
bell peppers ,
we call them capsicum
and Cheese Spread
(which is like a cheese paste)
Thank you Maria

Thank You Kiss
Looks like this lady had some
of my pizza.

11 Fertilize my soul:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you are so clever, making all those tasty dishes.
I seem not to get anything done these days.
From Felisol

Maria Stahl said...


You are very welcome, and I will be right over for a taste. :o)

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Looks very yummy. You are a genius Amrita- you can start a food mall LOL

Sheryl said...

way to go, looks like you did great. that picture is hilarious, you are just too funny.

so glad you found me on facebook!!

love to you,

Sita said...

I laughed out loud so hard when I saw that picture...hilarious! son're good!
Love u, dahlin!

Robin said...

Thanks for the laugh Amrita-and the pizza looks yummy!!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Oh you are so funny!
I'm so glad for that laugh!
It mended my day!

Nina in Portugal said...

I love that picture of the kissing lady!!

Your pizza looks fantastic!!

Pat said...

Your pita bread looks soooo good, so does the pizza!
The kissing lady would probably hug you real hard too if she got to eat it!

Donetta said...

funny kiddo

Amrita said...

You know on Dec 5th a Domino 's outlet was inaugrated very close to my house. Well I ususally eat home made food but will try it as a special treat.