Monday, 14 February 2011

Roses are for Valentines

To  tell  you  the  truth  I  am  not  a  great fan  of  Valentine' s  Day.
Love  means  never  having  to  say  'HappyValentine 's Day ' So  says  Seema  Goswami and  I  somewhat  agree  with  her. 
Well  first  of  all there is  the  sheer  pressure  of  it. All  the  entire  world seems  to  become  a  part  of  a  giant  global conspiracy to  turn  14th  Feb. into  a  day  for  celebrating  romantic  love ,  sh e says.Read  the  rest  of  her  article entitled BIN THE  RED  ROSES.
In  case  you  think  I  am  the  Grinch  who  stole  Valentine 's Day  I  am  sharing  my  lovely  V roses  from  my  garden.

Had  a  very   peaceful  and  happy  day  today. Applied  henna  to  my  hair and  paid  some  bills. Now  I  am  going  to  make  minestrone  soup  for  supper.

Tomorrow  my nephew  Ashish (Ash  for short)  and  his  friend  Megan are  going  to  begin  the  first  leg  of  their  journey  to  India  from Canada. They  will  arrive  in  Kolkata  Wed 16th midnight.  From  their  they  will fly  to the  NE  to  visit  my sister  Namrita  and  then   come  to  Alld. on Feb  24th. We  all  are  so  excited.  And  I  am  busy  preparing.

Megan  is  a  Navigator' s  missionary  in  Ottawa. This  is  her  first  trip  to  India. I  am  really  interested  to  know  how  she  will  react and  what  her  observations  and experiences   will be   on  the  short  trip. I  am  making  so  many  plans to  give  Ash  &  Megan  a  good  time and  also  ensure  their  comfort  and  safety in  an environment  which  is  so  different  from  theirs.

I 've  had  many   foreigners -missionary  friends  come  and  stay with us.but  they  were well  settled  in India  and  knew how  to  take  care  of  themselves  etc.  Megan  is   brand  new - , hope  she   will  have  a  positive  experience.

Please  pray for  Ash  and  Megan  as  they  begin  their  journey tomorrow.

15 Fertilize my soul:

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita,

Lovely roses.

Valentine Day I think is the creation of publishing and card manufacturing companies,hotels etc. to boost up their sales.

But the sentiment behind the day is good and brings lovers and couples together.

Last year I remember the Shiv Sena cadres destroyed some shops selling valentine day cards saying that it is a foreign custom and Indians should not follow it.

Best wishes Amrita,

Amrita said...

Dear Mr Joseph today also the Bajrangis , Shiv Sena etc. bashe d up and abused many couples all over UP I saw in the evening news. They forcefully made the boys aply sindoor and tie the mangal sutra round their girl friends. Such vandalism and beastly behaviour. They call it trying to save Indian culture by acting like animals.

Who asked them to be the moral police of the country. They are the lumpen mad crowd.

Marie said...

Beautiful roses :)

I am not a great fan of Valentine' s Day either.

Nadwrażliwiec said...

I'm not fun of Valentines too. I think it can be nice, but it is more important to remember about loved people every day. God bless these brave people from Canada.
Your roses are one of the most beautiful I saw.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about Valentines...I think we should tell our loved ones every day how much we care of them as life is short..but its ok to have a special day, I guess....not into the commercialism at all....your roses are lovely...looking forward to ours blooming this spring..we've cut them all back right now for the winter....

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
So many good things can be turned to bad by commercialism. We do not celebrate Valentine's Day in Norway, at least not my geneeration. The merchants are always trying to push goods we do not need.

Love on the other hand, should be celebrated every day. Love has many colors and many shapes, like your roses, but it's certainly what makes the world a better place.
For God so loved the world e.t.c.

I have said a prayer for Ash and Megan. I find it an act of love that you are receiving so many guests.
Thereby you may have had the company of angels, the Scripture says.
Be blessed, all of you.
From felisol

Amrita said...

Trust all of you dear friends had a good day.

Kate said...

YOur roses are AMAZING! Wonderful to see, during the cold Utah winter. I hate Valentine's Day. As if we shouldn't be celebrating love every day... I think it will be a lot of fun to host Megan. She will notice all sorts of things that you take for granted in your daily life. Have fun!

Becky said...

hey lady! thanks for dropping in! love your roses!

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,
Lovely roses.
Ginny and I do not observe Valentine's Day at all because our love is special every day.

Pia said...

oh, i love flowers! happy heart's day, amrita!

Gerry said...

The roses are exquisite. Thanks for the photos which are in the true Valentine spirit. My thought is to enjoy the holidays if possible, as I always think the workers need them if the ones who are retired do not. That is if they get a day off. I enjoyed the beautiful plant gift I received. Your nephew and friend are lucky to have you in India to show them a good time. I know her experience in India will be all the better because of having you for their connection!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, I will pray for Ash and Megan that the blood of Jesus envelop them for their protection against all harm. You have such lovely roses in your garden Amrita. They are so beautiful and in full bloom just like the radiant soul you have radiating the beauty and grace of God to all who come in contact with you. You are a light of the world blazing a brilliant light for the Lord in everything you do. God bless you more for that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

David C Brown said...

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine: He feedeth [his flock] among the lilies", Song of Songs 6: 3. That's all year round, not just one special day!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Aw... those roses are precious!!! Thanks for sharing.

Praying for Ash and Megan... how exciting that you will get to spend time with them!