Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Blessings -Songs Of Redemption

Yesterday I attended a Christian Rock Music concert called Redemption II. It was organized by a group of University students who call themselves Youth Arise.
The first artist was Benny Prasad from Bangalore.  (Check  his linked  website) He has a world record for visiting 245 countries in a very short time. You can read his powerful testimony on his website.
This 35 year old man suffers from a rare disease. 60 % of his lungs were damaged and he has arthritis - he said his fingers were broken. Doctors told him he would die at the age of 16. Discouraged and disheartened with life he was contemplating suicide when he met God and he was healed and blessed with the gift of music.
His scientist father hated and abused Benny because he was not doing well in his studies and was a failure in life. He could not accept his weak son.
At this point of his testimony Benny said something which touched my heart. He said his father was good in his own way (because all parents want their children to do well in life) but he was not right because he rejected his useless sick son. That struck a chord in my heart.
Parents can be good but not right. Indian parents specially should pay heed to this. Children are put under undue academic and other pressure to succeed in life and fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
Now Benny is the pride of not only his family but also India as he travels all over the world sharing his testimony and playing his custom made guitar for the glory of God. He has performed with the top musicians of the world.
He has played at the Viking Festival in Norway. The FIFA World Cup and the Greece Olympics. What a life! I relate with Benny specially because of his physical challenges.

Another group called Adonai led us in worship both in English and Hindi.

There were close to a thousand people in the audience. Mostly college students.

Everybody was enjoying the soul stirring music.

Above is Manjit Joseph the last performer. Hi s version of Petra 's Our God is an Awesome God really brought us close to heaven and I felt like a 16 year old in the middle of the college crowd. LOL.

Its amazing to how how these talented musicians have dedicated their music for the glory of God.

Manjit Joseph

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Paresh Palicha said...

Very Inspiring story! Thanks didi...

Amrita said...

Benny touched my heart Paresh - he is a walking miracle - such a simple man. He teaches youth to live a simple life and reject the evil attractions of drugs, sex and money and other addictions.

Amrita said...

Another thing paresh, its amazing how a physically challenged person can triumph in life.

Nadwra┼╝liwiec said...

Praise the Lord for this testimony!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Loved this story, Amrita!

Gerry said...

Benny Passad sounds like an inspiring performer. I listened to the music in the video you posted and hope you can get more to post so I can hear more. Yes, it is true, sometimes parents do not accept what their children can do well and try to get them to perform to greater heights perhaps not so much for themselves but to glorify parents as well. A tough problem to solve as my years of disability were always a bitter disappointment to my parents. My father told me not long before he died I was a loser as far as he was concerned, I had landed in the gutter! What a cruel thing to say to someone struggling against the odds to live and achieve as well as raise children without damaging them with alcoholic behavior as he had damaged his children, as in fact, he had helped cripple me! Hard to forgive, but I knew bitterness would cripple me even more. As I am sure Benny Passad knew as well.

Mark said...

Thanks for the sharing the testimony! And glad you had a good time!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita,

Excellent advice for parents.

Parents want to mould their children to their liking.But God has given them special talent which we should nurture.

Lovely photos and videos.

Amrita said...

Dear friends thank you for your valuable comments. Benny Prasad certainly is my hero.

I too could not fulfil my parents dreams for me. They wanted me to become an IAS officer ( high ranking givt. officer / civil services administrator)but because of my disabilities I could not measure up.

Gerry said...

I came back and listened to more of the videos which I really enjoyed. The music was so good in many cases. I also watched the 10 minute one in which Benny Passad talked about his early life.