Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Your egg might pop a surprise on you (pun intended)

I  don 't  watch the   Grammy  Awards  but  the   eggcellent
entry of  Lady Gaga made  me  laugh.
   I am  going   to   count  my  pop  stars  before  they  are  hatched.
You never  know  who  might 
land  up into  your  frying  pan.
And  taking  cue  from  the  Lady
a  saucy  celebrity or two  might  squeeze  out 
of   my sauce  bottle!!!
Oblivious   to  all
the  gaga
Sheeba  is  enjoying   the  sunshine.

Its  been rather  warm   the past  few  days.
But  we 've  had  rain  in  our  state
which  has  brought   down the  temp.
Today  is  cloudy  and  cool.
Ash  and  Megan  are  crossing  the  Atlantic -
Kolkata  in  a  few  hours!

15 Fertilize my soul:

Ash said...

Awww...isnt Sheeba adorable!

Amrita said...

She really is Ash.

And you know we had a nice shower in the evening. Its cool now.

DeanO said...

Lady GAGA and the egg - I read another blog that reminded me that Spinal Tap (the Movie) had done the egg thing. I didn't watch the award shows but I understand it was a lot of fun. I love your rose pictures below.

JI said...

Lady Gaga is really quite a bizarre woman. I think she is a woman! I can't be sure. We live in times when the bizarre is increasingly forced upon us as normal. But we know inside it is not.

monsoon dreams said...

Gaga has very crazy ideas!It's an attention-seeking attempt.
I'm glad the climate is better now.
Sheeba seems to be happy :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife thinks Lady Gaga is crazy!

I think Sheeba has more common sense than her :-)

Take care and have a blessed day :-)


Felisol said...

Lady Gaga and Sheeba, You certainly have a broad horizon.
I like that. In the worldbut not of the world.
Praying for your guests.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

You all made me smile.

I 'll pass on your compliment to Sheeba.

I think she got the idea from the movie Cocoon - the egg which I saw on YouTube looked similar.They siad she sat in there for 3 hours with an oxygen mask - whew!

Nadwrażliwiec said...

Sheeba has some nice time :) This first photo shows, how much she is happy.
Last days in Cracow were really frosty. At the night I saw -10 C. I'm hope thay spring will be soon! :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Lady Gaga is always known for her bizarre antics. That made her famous. It's quite uncomfortable in India that you encounter extreme hot and cold weather interspersed with periodic cyclones and runaway inflation. Let us all pray that the Lord shield us from all natural and man made calamities. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

lady gaga appeals because she's wild and crazy....and on the edge. But today....I want to walk with Him b/c He's powerful...truth and a miracle worker.

Buttercup said...

Didn't watch the show, so thank you for a fun minute. Enjoyed seeing Sheeba. We've had beautiful weather for most of the week, but it's cooler today. It's sunny, though! Prayers and good wishes for you and your mother.

Dick said...

I didn't see the show, it looks funny.
I wish for warmer weather here.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I get concerned with my 13 year old stepdaughter when she lets me know how fond of Lady Gaga she is... oh Lord! I worry about those stereotypes.

I love Sheeba... she is adorable!

Praying for Ash and Megan. You all please have a wonderful time... It's going to be lovely!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With Khattledog said...

Hi Sheeba!

We don't get Lady GAGa as I call her!