Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Blessings -Remembering Friends

I  received  a  Facebook  message  from  our  family   friend Grisalda on   the  birthday  of  her daughter  Prashansa (Praise).
It  so  touched  my  heart and  brought  back  fond  memories that  I  want  to  share  it  here.
This  family  is  so  precious  to  us. The  2  girls   who   went  to  school   across   the  street  came  by  many  times to  wait  in  our  home for   their  transport  to  arrive. They  enjoyed  watching Cartoon  Network  and  Sonia 's  lunch.

They  live  in  Delhi  now. Most  of  the friends  mentioned   here  are  are   living  in  far  off  places  but  we are  in  touch  with  some   of  them. I  thank  God  for   Facebook.

Dr  and  Mrs  Dickson   flanked  by  their  daughters.

Friends and family,
Thank you for your investment in our lives and family.Dickson and I have become parents of young adults with Prashansa [ Poppu - Dimpu - Pottamma], our second one turning 18 today.

I cherish those days [ my last lap of pregnancy] when 49B, our home reverberated with AICEU's song 'Bajan karengei...aur Prashansa karengei' to the strumming of my guitar.When Rajani Philip told the meaning of ' Prashansa' we decided the name for our child knowing in Faith that IT'S A GIRL.

I fondly reminisce Sudhakar annan's[ Dr. D.S.Emmanuel] question in his usual light hearted way ' Are you ready to be admitted ' on my last day of check up .I was admitted that very night a fortnight before the due as an answer to the prayers of folks like John Jo.

I feel grateful to thambi Ganesh , who took care of Prarthana that day

I remember the agony of Marjorie akka when Dickson was joking as he signed on papers of Nazreth Hospital and also whenever the IV fluid's speed was increased

I do giggle whenever I remember the way Dr.Muldoon barged in the Pre - labour room to encourage me despite the screaming of the other ladies.

I cherish how Shirley and aunt Hazel  My  Mama)
 (  we  sent  her  fish  curry which  South  Indians  like  to  eat  after  child  birth ) sat with me before labour, how Jiiu Karpagam and a few more from HED took turn to hospital - sit me after labour, how Jesudas and Den took care of food for all, how Sam and Neil managed to purchase a feeding bottle n other accessories.[ Neil had bought a sipper instead of a feeding bottle], How Beaula'ka and David annan took care of me and Dickson, How Shalom met with an accident escorting Prarthana to Ethel.

I cherish Mrs.Muldoon's  (they  were  missionaries  from  Australia) care for me and Prash during Siwait, R.Stanley annan and Lillian akka blessing Prashansa in person on her 3rd day of life , how Dennison played a strict disciplinarian thambi in making me take up house hold chore from day 3rd of labour
I delight to reminisce how the little nurses Talitha Emmanuel and Stephanie Muldoon tirelessly and proudly took care of Prashansa almost every day though they were just 13.I praise God for the luxury of all the EU , EGF and Ag.Institute family members' care with love.

I remember how Linda Muldoon bravely cycled around with Prashansa seated behind her, how Regino and Den took the girls for walking.

I do cherish Jennifer running with Prashansa on her FIRST birthday in Siwait [during the camp] for the FIRST Birthday blessing by PC Verghese. I also cherish how Pastor amma Mrs.Ghosh christened Prashansa ' Baby Gunda' on her very first birthday as she persevered till she pushed Asha Paulson down that day.

I remember your concern and goodness to my parents and Benny who visited us

I cherish how Neil and Alfred waited near Wesley school's gate the first day of her school, I remember how Salins, Alfy, Johnphi and others used to sit and read Bible verses when she preached or listened to her Goldy Lock's story time with tendance [ Attendance/Roll call] when she was 2/3 and I also cherish how this Baby Gunda turned to be a child gangster with her trail of campus kids like Rahul, Vishu, Nehem, Arpit, Kittu, Golu, Rebecca... can't write all the names , the list is A4 size
I wonder how many of you remember her happy expression " Oh, my gundess!" , Yes she imitated her Neilee , followed her Alfie and was slightly scared of her Dendandan and was fond of her Salins annan and of course her kuttudu [ Jino Chacko], she then was walking around with Jini , Esther Ghosh, Kanak, Florence and Ann because of their kindness to make her up and their Birthday specials on her birthdays.She also had her sibling rivalry with Eugene, and to a large extent with Augustine while she was happy with her Duke annan,Jeba[ Marvin] annan and Joe [ Celestian]

I do cherish Anugrah's discernment and goodness in bringing her to the stage with Prince of Egypt, Sammy and Francis' care of her and I am thankful to Shiju boy for teaching driving to her with his own Scotty , I also remember John D's fun time with Prash.

There is much more to write.How can I pen down the Chapel Sunday school, her BOLD JUMP OFF from first floor, her unthinkable bravery, her confident demands from her Pandian Uncle and Pandian Aunty?

Yes kinsfolk in Christ, YOU MEAN A LOT TO US.

Pardon me for not thanking each one by name,I will try to get in touch with each one of you.

Great is His faithfulness.

Prarthana is a Dorm Parent in Woodstock and Prashansa is doing Grade XII in Woodstock. Dickson and I request your continuous intercession for us that we , the 4 Dicksons remain faithful to the Lord almighty .
We express our love with gratitude to each of the AICEU , EGF, Non Formal and other Ag.Institute kinsfolk

Grisalda & Dickson

" Delight in the Lord, He will fulfill the desires of your heart" Psalms 37:4

4 Fertilize my soul:

David said...

long letters form good friends are a blessing to be sure. i have in my bible, an Easter card from you and Mama Hazel. it is a treasure.

Zim said...

I thank God for Your love for the Lord and people. Yes, it is wonderful that today we can be in touch with close friends and family, even if they live far away from us.
God bless You.

Pia said...

i love those kinds of letters from friends.

i especially love the verse you quoted from psalms.

God bless you, amrita!

Amrita said...

More than friends , they are my God ordained family