Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sunday Blessings - 10/40 Window Sunday

The 10/40 Window is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia approximately between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude. The 10/40 Window is often called "The Resistant Belt" and includes the majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The original 10/40 Window included only countries with at least 50% of their land mass within 10 and 40 degrees north latitude. The revised 10/40 Window includes several additional countries, such as Indonesia, that are close to 10 or 40 degrees north latitude and have high concentrations of unreached peoples. See the original and revised country lists to the right. An estimated 4.50 billion individuals residing in approximately 8,715 distinct people groups are in the revised 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window is home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world such as the Shaikh, Yadava, Turks, Moroccan Arabs, Pushtun, Jat and Burmese.

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10/40 Window Sunday — October 2, 2011

A special opportunity to focus prayer on a region of the world that is home to:

•the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists
•the majority of the world’s least-reached people groups
•the poorest of the poor (more than eight of every 10 impoverished people)
•45 of the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted

When? The first Sunday of every October. This year, 10/40 Window Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, October 2.

Where? In your home, with your small group, at church.... anywhere Christians gather to seek the Lord.

Why? Because the 10/40 Window is the “final frontier” of world missions. in order to finish the task given to the Church, we need to pray! “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that i have commanded you....” – The Bible, Matthew 28:19,20

How? Mark Sunday, October 2 on your calendar. Tell your friends, family, small group, pastor.... Plan to join with Window international network and countless Christians around the globe in interceding for the 10/40 Window.

 Visit us at for nation profiles, prayer points, and to learn about how you can get involved in reaching the people of the 10/40 Window.


· Pray for Believers to hear the call to intercede for the final frontier of missions. (I Timothy 2:1-3)

· Petition the Lord for the souls of the Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists living in the 10/40 Window. (I Timothy 2:4)

· Ask the Lord to soften the soil of the hearts of the unreached and bring forth a rich crop – drawing every man, woman, and child into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 13:23)

· Cry out for those whose eyes have been blinded by the enemy and are held captive by false religions. (Colossians 1:13)

· Pray for a tremendous harvest of souls in the resistance belt. (II Peter 3:8)

· Declare the coming of God’s Kingdom in the 10/40 Window. (Matthew 6:10)

Dear  friends I   live  in   the  10/40 window.
The  Lord  is  sending   a  revival  in  my  church.
New opportunities  to  serve  our community
are  opening   up.
Apart   from  our  congregation  two
church  groups  have  started to
worship  in  our  sanctuary.
This  coming  week  we  have  a
youth  retreat  - Oct. 5th
2  day  Leader 's  Seminar  -Oct  6&7th.
Please  pray  for  blessings,  wisdom, unity
grace  and  heavenly  provision
for    all these  events.
I  need  wisdom and  guidance  from  God.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Terra said...

Amrita, the concept of the 10/40 region is new to me, and I prayed right away as you suggested, with these great Bible verses, for the unreached in this huge area.
You will do great things in your church to reach people, in the coming weeks with the events you have scheduled, and I am praying for you and your efforts dear one.

Amrita said...

God bless you Terra. Thank you for your word of encouragement

David said...

praying for the unreached peoples today. thank you for this reminder.

Zim said...

I didn't know about this special day, but I knew about Window 10/4 earlier. Last time I prayed for prisoned pastor in Turkmenistan and other Turkmen people. This prayer for unreached people is important, but we should remember about them every day.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Oh my God, my dear Amrita,
I am keeping you in my prayers. You are a courageous lady, and I hope my friendship and caring thoughts reach you.

Thank you for the lesson on the 10/40 window, I wasn't familiar with the term.

((( Love to you and your Mom )))


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

This is the first time that I heard about the 10/40 window. It is really very interesting to read all about its significance to the world especially the spiritual world. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you always.

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,

I also had never heard this way of approaching things. Thank you for expanding my understanding and prayer horizon.


David C Brown said...

Whosoever will may come!

And we are thankful for the way God acts to secure persons for Himself.

Shelley said...

In Prayer for you Amrita...and for all the lost in the 10/40 window....God is able....he will give you much wisdom to do what he calls you to do....many,many blessings sent your way.