Monday, 30 April 2007

Election Day

May 3rd is election Day for some districts of our state. since the past one month we are going through the slow process of electing a new governing body (called the state legislative assembly) for our state (Uttar Pradesh) headed by the Chief Minister or Governor. U.P. is the largest state of India and the most densely populated too, and our politics has a large role to play in the forming of the central or federal government.

Several political parties are in the fray. Some right wing religious fundamentalist, secular,leftist,backward caste supporters and independents. A good number of candidates have criminal backgrounds.
Our future is in the hands of the mafia to say the least.

Pray that the Lord may cause good, honest and just representatives to be elected. I will not be able to exercise my franchise as I was not issued an I-card. They took our photos 3 times and still no card. They do that to Christians as they know we vote for the secular Congress party.

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