Monday, 30 April 2007

Questioning the question

Indian society is advancing in leaps and bounds but the attitude towards women is rooted in the dark ages. I am a single woman and when I seen by friends at a Christian or social event or shopping place all by myself they ask me "Have you come alone?"

Its OK for them show their concern about my safety and well being but somehow they make it sound like an abuse in Hindi we call it gaali. It leaves you devoid of your minuscule ego and self esteem. One is already feeling rather lost in crowds of happy families when one is hit by this crippling salvo.

I am planning to answer their question like this:

Have you come alone?

With whom
If I am in a pious mood...I 'll say Jesus.

On a philosophical note I 'll say:
With my shadow

After playing VirtualCop, I 'll say
With my double barrel gun

If I 'm sick and depressed I can say
With my eyeglasses, hearing aid and orthopedic cane.

They 'll know I 'm kidding if i say
With my troop of bodyguards.

Friends any ideas?

2 Fertilize my soul:

Rebecca said...

Are the people who ask you this question blind?? That is funny, but I can also see the dark side of the comment as well....!

Roo said...

hello my friend...
people are funny, heh? i get funny questions sometimes too and i want to say,"OK take a minute and THINK about what you just asked me and then decide if you really want to ask me that again." :)

the photo URL - its hard for me to explain how to find it without doing it for you. the photo has to have an address....if you left click on the photo it will usually come up...... hard to explain...i wish i could do it for you....