Saturday, 21 April 2007

A Prayer to Jesus

Our town is full of temples and mosques and places of worship for all kinds of faith. Some of these buildings are very beautiful are well maintained. So whenever I pass by one of these places i say a quick prayer to Jesus. "Lord look down from heaven and see this temple etc. where you are not honored. The enemy has given them resources to maintain and beautify their property, please provide help for Union Church too, so that we can worship you in a beautiful setting."

One day the Lord will fulfill the desire of my heart.

1 Fertilize my soul:

Lauren said...

Hi - I don't know you. But I was procrastinating doing work so started reading your blog.

The enemy can only imitate. He tries to build beauty but falls short. God has given us this beautiful Earth to worship in, the enemy has to build buildings that will crumble while the Earth lasts.

But I understand wanting a beautiful setting for worship. Some of my favorite churches are very elaborate and architecturally amazing with beauty everywhere. But I want to encourage you to know that your worship of the One True God is what makes even the ugliest little shack more beautiful and amazing than all the mosques and temples.

I'm not saying to not pray what you're praying. I am saying that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and so your temple of worship is beautiful.