Saturday, 21 April 2007

.Welcome to Yesu Garden

Hello friends I have just created a blog for Union Church ,Allahabad (India) in which I will be posting news, prayers requests, concerns and just talk about Union Church, India and life in general.I"ll try to be as regular as possible. So you, our dear friends can log on and find out what is happening.At the moment i don 't know how to post pictures, but in the future i will try and make an attempt.

UC (Union Church) is close to 200 years old. It has a 3 acre campus which houses the sanctuary and parsonage and servants block, very old buildings. There is the custodian 's house in which my mom and I live. it was constructed about 24 years ago. We are located in the prime business area of the town.Real estate here is very very expensive and so we have to save our precious land from the greedy eyes of land grabbers and swindlers. Very often we are approached by people who want to acquire our church land for their own interests. They are promptly turned down.
Please pray for our safety as many of these "hawks" are men of devious means, with mafia connections and political backing, they are also anti-Christian.

Three years ago the Lord gave me a fresh vision from Ezekiel 36, saying He will turn this wilderness into a garden of Eden as a testimony to the gentiles. I am holding on to the vision and we are seeing the Lord move.

The sanctuary is being repaired.A lot of hard labour, building materials and money has been invested into it. The 3 sided church porch (veranda)
has been partially renovated. The roof was first pulled down and we put up asbestos sheets on iron rods. Now the gaps between the sheets and the walls have to be filled up with concrete.

We are asking the Lord to provide the needed money for this work. We still have to pay off our construction workers.They are very patient in receiving their payments. Please pray for this.

Our land grabbing case hearing will take place on May 7th (if the on-coming state assembly (senate) elections allow it to happen).

Pray for a fair and just government and governor to be elected in Uttar Pradesh.

Pastor Shailendra has been busy at the Seminary. Today is Graduation day and 43 of his long distant students are graduating. Yesterday i went to the graduation dinner and met some of them.

Hope you find this posting interesting.

3 Fertilize my soul:

Unknown said...

Praise the Lord.

Nice one, a good and a humble start & am sure God would do mighty things this year and beyond.

Funds will surely come in and God would do wonderful and gracious miracles out there.

Would you want me to send this across to my numerous friends and well wishers alike.....

This is our Lord's work and he would definitely NOT put you to shame and I pray for yours and Mom's safety and well being at all times.
I also pray for the numerous Prayer warriors, friends and associates in and around your midst.

God bless, keep up the good work and sincere wishes.

Vathan Shettigar.

Roo said...

God bless you!

Julia Dutta said...

Daer Amrita,

It is now clear to me from where you come - Allahabad. Long ago, once travelling by train, when the train stopped at Allahabad, I thought I knew every brick on the walls and I thought somewhere I was from Allahabad. It was like a past life experience. My best friend from childhood, Kusum Singh a Protestant from Nainital, who now lives in Australia, with her two sons, studied at The Agricultural College in Allahabad. I have never been to Allahabad, but I feel very close to that place.

Nice to know you are from that City.