Monday, 30 April 2007

Prayer Request

Please pray for our church court case hearing to be held on May 7th. This is the land grabbing case, which has been going on since the last 23 years. We have won 4 times at various levels, but the 'enemy" doesn 't give up easily. In India legal work is very slow ( people reading in the West will be shocked) You have to have infinite patience.

The opposite party is a rich and powerful so-called Christian (liberal )organization who is making false claims on our church property. They want to turn it into a business centre. With the Lord 's help we have been defending our land. My Dad fought for it and he died 3 years ago. I have taken over his job and our Pastor is also helping.

On May 7th the judge is giving the grabbers one last chance to present their witness. We know they have none, they just make up excuses.Pray that the judge may be firm and pass judgement based on our earlier victories. We are facing our Goliath on May 7th.

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