Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Large,Medium or Small

I love the current Airtel mob. service advertisement.It has individuals coming on and making statements like giving instructions to a particular place, a show and tell in school and inviting someone over. People with the large talktime overstate their thing and seem to go on forever, the medium folk elaborate their speech slightly and the smalltalk people express themselves in very concise and frugal sentences. I tend to fluctuate between the medium and small talktime. Don 't know what this blog will make me do.

Cry...cry while posting this entry i managed to scorch my stir fry veggie of cabbage and potatoes i was making for lunch.

2 Fertilize my soul:

Roo said...

oh yes, i can relate. i have burnt MANY a lunch while blogging. eeeee! :)

Val said...

Hee hee, we did warn you!