Monday, 23 April 2007

A young life snuffed out

A young man from North East India died of drug overdose at the Seminary on Saturday April 21. His parents had sent him to bible school so that his life would be transformed. He studied here for a year and received counselling but nothing helped. maybe he should have gone to a drug rehab centre.

Pastor S and his wife invited us for Sunday dinner, they were celebrating the graduation of 2 of their friends. Both received Bachelor of Theology degrees. One of them Shyam Sharma is a Hindu convert.

It is very hot now...our Indian summer. Seems like the sun is only a mile away.Temps in the higher 100s. We cool our bedroom with a water run cooler.

Let me describe this contraption to you. Its the descendant of the steam engine LOL. It is an oblong metal box consisting of a water tank at the bottom and metal frames with coarse grass at the sides, fitted with an exhaust fan and a water pump . When the pump is switched on it circulates water on the top of the frames which wets and cools the grass. The powerful exhaust fans sucks cool air from the box into the area at which the cooler faces. Whew this is my very feeble attempt at describing an old fashioned, back to the future gizmo.Had fun? Maybe Google images has a photo.

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Pig wot flies said...

Hi Amrita. It was good to find your blog. Thanks for your comment! I'll be reading and praying for you.


Roo said...

AMRITA!! i love it that you have a blog. wow, it sounds sooooo hot over there. here, we are just beginning to experience the sunshine as we are in the midst of spring. the snow just melted and the temperture is about 10 degrees C. shalom!