Wednesday, 25 April 2007

End of Canine Discrimination in our Home

I used to own two dogs till April 10, 2007. Jimmy my German Spitz died of unknown toxic poisoning on that day. now I 've got Sheeba my mixed Spitz and Lab.(Jimmy was 5.4 yrs, Sheeba is also the same)

My Mom adored Jimmy, Sheeba she just tolerated. Jim had a very distinct personality like a retired army general. Very staid and serious, extremely picky about food. Give him something new to eat and he would examine it forensically. He had his moments too. he would do the bamboo dance, when i would twirl a bamboo stick in front of him and he would jump up and down trying to grab it. Fate snatched him from us ans left us very lonely and sad.

Now my Mom has taken up Sheeba our frivolous, playful pooch.She pets Sheeba and allows her to lick her.Sheeba was my Dad 's darling until he passed away 3 years ago. Sigh, so now Sheeba you have found a friend in Mummy.

Watched Boris Yeltsin 's funeral on the Beeb. A historical man for Russia and the world

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Roo said...

awwww, my little girl ADORES any furry animal that crosses her path. her mama, on the other hand -- has to grow in this area. your dog sounds sweet.