Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Are They Watching Hope Floats?

This is called real tubing. A friend emailed me this photo. This could be the aftermath of the rains in Mumbai (Bombay) which flooded many areas.Look at the helpless man standing outside the door.

Maybe they were inspired by the community Roman bath still prevalent in some parts of the world. They have the soap and water just need towels.

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Vittal said...

No kidding? :)

Dick said...

What a special photo, they continue with their life as if there is no water at all.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
thank you for your kind comments on my blog.
I am a bit behind on returning answers. Eight hospitalised relatives and close friends in the last three month takes most of my time.
I will, however, try to keep in touch. An Indian, Christian woman working for her family and for Jesus, that's very good news in these times of war and pollution.
In school we were taught we belong to the Indi-European folk group. That actually means that the first Europeans probably came with the great folkmovement that took place about 400 a.c.(East Goths I think they were called. You can probably tell me more about this topic, being a teacher.)
The great flood on the picture is not very umsimilar to what has happened in Eastern Noraway a week ago.
The differnce will probably be that in India many more are damaged by the flood, and insuranse might probably not work as good by you either.
We've had rain for a month now here west too, a result of global warming, they say.
Next week the weather is said to improve, we'll see some sun and have 15 Celcius degrees.
Not much for a summer, but I just might throw away my wollen socks for some days.
God bless your work, Amrita.
May He also heal your aching limbs and help you keep on the important work you are doing.

Pat said...

Oh, my goodness! I hope no one is near any electrical outlets - that might become a "hair raising" event!

bea n. random said...

Hi there and thanks for your kind words you left on my blog! I like yours, as well, and will return!

Have a lovely day :)

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Couldnt help chuckling at ' as if nothing has happened'-I wonder what TV serial they are watching that lets them throw caution to the wind like this. Electrical outlets could be more than hair raising ... You know for these people, missing a popular TV serial is suicidal enough,so there you are or there you go!!