Friday, 20 July 2007

Remember to pray for us

Thank you dear friends for your encouraging words and prayers.I know God is with us, He has never forsaken us. Our faith is tested from time to time.The Bible says welcome trials as friends, because they come to make you stronger and develop your patience . If I never had to face troubles I would have been the most impatient person in the whole world.I need a lot of work in that area.

My father 's elder brother, Uncle Kenneth (80 plus) is quite ill. He 's been doing quite badly since some time and we did not approve of the level of medical attention he was getting, but it was his wife 's choice He had a massive heart attack this morning, God saved him otherwise he would have gone. Pastor Shay and friends got him admitted in Intensive care in a Catholic hospital where we go for our treatment. He 's in the care of a reputed cardiologist. Uncle 's kidney 's are also damaged. He 's some better but the doctor said the next 48 hours are critical.

Its very stressful for all of us. They don 't have any children. We are their are their next of kin, so we feel responsible for them, and they are our neighbours too.

Thank you for your advice and prayers for Aunt Sybil. After that I am coping better. And by God 's grace she is doing better too.

Since the past 3 days the electricity supply is driving me crazy.You know what that means.

Anyway on our Indian political scene, the die is cast. Voting is over for our next President. People have several reasons for opposing Mrs Pratibha Patil.I too have some (altho I support her party) but my foremost objection is that she looks like a Saasu Maa (mother-in-law) of an old black and white movie( But I think she 's a velvet covered brick) I am putting myself at great risk here and people will think I 'm politically incorrect etc. etc. I am not against Saasu Maas In fact if I come across an organization in support of 'Cruelty Against Mother-In-Laws ' I 'll join it.But I want our Prez to look something 'else '. Sorry Pratibha Baa.

7 Fertilize my soul:

Kate said...

Amrita, you can take me on an emotional roller-coaster ride in three paragraphs! First sad, then laughing. I hope your uncle finds the comfort and treatment he needs in the hospital.

Vittal said...

I'll keep your Uncle Ken in my prayers. Hope he fully recovers soon.

Pratibha patel - a Saasu Maa? LOL. I wish Abdul Kalam was still our president. Well, that's how democracy works, I guess!! Some good choices and some bad choices!

Pat said...

Your such a talented writer - you cover everything from the serious to the humorous!
I continue to pray for your family and for you and for the ELECTRICITY!

Ruth said...

praying/thinking about you...
shalom friend....

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you for sure are an engaged person. I'll pray for your uncle, hope he's getting bettr.
Your politics - I am ashamed to say I'm fairly ignorant of modern Indian politcs. It's the Ghandis and nehrus that are remembered in Eurpoean world. It should not be a shame to be engaged in politics, though. Democracies are fragile, and crave that people are alert and engaged on what's going on in their society.
Else we're leaving our dear bought heritage to politician only in search for power for their own good.
So, in the next largest country in the world with more than a billion inhabitants, there sure must be a lot to do for a sister like you.
Good luc with your everyday life and the election.

Rebecca said...

I am sorry to hear of the sudden heart attack of your Uncle. I am glad he was able to be admitted to a better hospital and am wondering what the situation is now, and how you are coping with it all.
And yes, just like Kate, you had me laughing at your wonderfully politically incorrect political comments. Great!

Kate said...

Amrita? Everything all right over there? You haven't been on for a while, and I'm concerned that perhaps your uncle has died. BTW, I saw in the newspaper that the "Grandma" candidate won the election.