Thursday, 12 July 2007


This is the Shakespearean aside in which a character goes to one side of the stage and talks to himself/herself.

I read on a blog that someone needs $18,000 to renovate their basement.I could renovate my church & turn the campus into Hyde Park with that.Couldn 't stop chuckling to myself.

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JoAnn-NL said...

Amrita WOW! what a BIG amount of money! Well haha! I agree, I cannot imagine that people 'missuse' SO MUCH money for just a basement???? No way!

I like the 'Shakespearean' character... the milky white clour, I like that too, wen don't have that colour buildings here.

JoAnn greetings

JoAnn-NL said...

Hi ,
I've tagged your blog(look under my header)so that other people visit your blog trough mine. Although,(....) now you 'have' also to point out 8 facts about yourself in your post. (don't have to!)
Greetings from JoAnn

Kate said...

Thank you for the reality check. Please keep them coming!

Rebecca said...

Our world is upside down....while I know that God cares for the poor, I also knows he cares for the rich....He says we are all poor, and naked and blind....
So, I have a heart for those with money as well as having a heart for those without. I think my bigger heart is for those with money - I have to be honest - these are the people that I am used to walking with, and the people who many disdain. But I do understand when you make your comment about how if you had the money that a person spent on his basement, what you could do with it. Having grwon up in Africa in not rich conditions I also understand the plight of poverty...but there is a plight that many Christ followers do not want to look at, and that is the life of the rich and famous, or rich an infamous.....someone has to have a heart for them, and I have that... At this point I do not know how to reach them. When I was in UN circles I could, but now my life is a little different, but the heart is still the same...I love those that walk in those circles....and I know that I have the heart of God for them.

Janet Jeyapaul said...

I did nt get the significance of the aside - is this were they rehearse or something before the play - why would they need so much space for one person - that would be a strange feeling like an author whose work has never been read- gives me the creeps..