Monday, 2 July 2007

Sunday blessings

On Saturday Pastor Shailendra, (himself an ex-Hindu priest) had a conversation with a Hindu priest. The priest looking for a ritual client tried to inform Shay about the various rites and rituals needed to pacify the gods and planets. Shay said he knew about all these things as he was a priest himself,but now he was a priest of Jesus. The Hindu man was really shocked and said he had betrayed his brotherhood and he should make amends for that.

Shay said he had found the way, the truth and the life and he would hold on to that.The priest said it seemed Shay had many problems in his life and he needed his help to get rid of them.Shay said he may have troubles in life but he knew the God who created the universe and He would take care of everything. Shay said he knew the priest did not have any money for his next meal and he was trying to get a client who would at least give him Rs 51 ($ 1.25) so he could buy his dinner.He priest gazed at Shay really intensely and Shay began to pray for him in his heart.

The priest asked Shay what would he get if he became a Christian.Shay said he would get abuse and rejection in return.The priest hung his head and went away.

Narrow is the path which leads to peace ,joy and salvation,its a road less travelled.Broad is the road to perdition.

Juggernaut, a Hindu peasant man who is our church groundskeeper does not fully believe in Christ but we 've been giving him Bible teaching.He visited a Hindu guru (teacher) one day .Many people were coming to the the guru and laying down offerings of fruit, sweets, flowers and money at his feet. The guru, at the end of the day would sell his offerings to various fruit and sweet vendors. Jags questioned the man saying ;why was he making people bring offerings to feed the gods, the gods should be feeding them.The guru asked Jags to keep quiet as it would damage his business.It seems some of our teaching has influenced Jags thinking.

The General Secretary, of Indian Evangelical Mission, John Wesley and his wife Mercy visited us yesterday. We met them after 25 years.They are here for an alumni conference at the Seminary.We reminisced the days when John was a seminary student and used to play the guitar and violin and bass for a Christian band I had formed called Singing Disciples.Every Saturday John and a group of seminary students used to visit our home for fellowship. College rules were very rigid and Rev. Kramptz (Canadian OMS missionary) the principal had given special permission to the boys to visit the Singh family.Many of our friends hold leadership positions in both Christian and secular organizations. We are so proud of them. Its a joy to meet them.

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JoAnn said...

Nice photo,
Interesting day yesterday, hope you liked the meeting?

(thanks,got your mail)

Kate said...

Great posting today. I enjoyed very much reading the bracing (and quick-witted)dialogues that you relayed.

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Enjoyed your writing..did those people in the Jag story know the Hindu Priest was selling what was meant for the gods to the fruit vendors.Tell Jag to tell the Hindu Priest - how will the gods eat what is offered to them if the Hindu Priest sells to fruit vendors- atleast here it is confined to fruits- In chennai and all people offer gold etc instead of building schools and colleges and these priest in many cases end up with the booty. You have a great potential missionary in Jags and the kind

Becky Wolfe said...

Sounds like Pastor Shay had all the right answers. Good for him. Hopefully he gave that Hindu priest something to think about.